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Best Garbage Disposals


The purpose of my website is simple!  I want you to save time and money, and purchase the best garbage disposal and the most suitable for your home!  I want you to get the right one that suits your needs!

I invite you to click through to our list of the best garbage disposals, check out the simple comparison charts, go through the detailed product reviews and after you read some of the other happy and satisfied comments, choose the your best garbage disposal!


Best Garbage Disposals

In order to make your life easier, I have spent copious amount of hours researching many thousands of reviews and I have compiled a list of the top 10 best garbage disposals.  On my website you will find a list of best machines available today, comparison chart including star rating from real customers reviews as well as detailed reviews of the best of the best!  All you have to do is to choose the one that is best for your home and get started with grinding on that garbage!

Best Garbage Disposals

My pick of Top 3 Gargabe Disposals

Waste King Legend Series L-2600

Waste King 2600 is a legend in its class and the best seller in a category of 1/2 HP (horsepower) garbage disposals.  This machine is a great grinder and it is best suitable for small to medium sized families!  You will love this pick!

Read a detailed review of Waste King L 2600 here.  Read about the features of this machine, suitability, grinding strength and horse power, noise level, installation and much more!

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Evolution Excel is a monster of a machine and it is the best grinder in the 1.0 HP food waste disposal class.  This garbage disposal if my favorite of them all as it is best suitable for a larger family like mine!

InSinkErator Badger 5 XP

InSinkErator Badger 5 XP is the best mid-range machine with awesome reviews from thousands of satisfied customers!  This is my best pick of the best grinder in the 3/4 HP garbage disposal category.  Suitable for medium to large families!

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