Badger 15ss Vs 900 Garbage Disposal – [Reviews & FAQs]

badger 15ss vs 900 garbage disposal

Before we compare the two models of badger 15ss vs 900 garbage disposals, we will talk generally about the functioning and performance of garbage disposals. Choosing the right garbage disposal for your kitchen sink is an important matter for keeping the environment of your kitchen clean and comfortable.

Garbage disposals help in quick and effective waste removal. They crush the waste material and help in reducing the waste, thus making the whole process easier and simpler. At the same time, they provide resistance against blockage. There are different kinds of garbage disposals each having different features.

Among these types, the badger series is considered to be the most practical and the oldest one. In this article, we will compare the features of badger 15ss garbage disposal with those of badger 900. This comparison will obviously be helpful for you in determining which of these two garbage disposals will be suitable for your kitchen sink.


The Differences Between Badger 15ss And 900:

If we look at the differences between the badger 15ss and badger, there are very few aspects that make them different from each other. Roughly speaking, they have similarities with each other and have many things in common.

Space Required For Installation:

If we take into consideration the factor of space taking, the badger 15ss will be a better option because it requires very small space for its installation. While badger 900 needs comparatively more space for installation. So, if you are in search of space-saving garbage disposal that can be easily fitted into the small space below your kitchen sink, you can go for badger 15ss.

Noise-Free Working:

When it comes to the capability of noise-free working, the badger 900 is preferable over badger 15ss. The reason behind this is the noisy working and lack of noise-reducing technology in badger 15ss. While badger 900 is designed such that it has the capability of reducing the sound being produced by its working and works comparatively quieter.

Similarities Between Badger 900 Vs Badger 15ss:

As we said earlier that these two models have a lot of similarities. The most notable similarities between the badger 15ss and badger 900 are given below.

Image Product Feature Price



Easy installation,
Effective grinding,
Enhanced reliability
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Powerful grinding,
Easy installation,
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Motor Power And Nature:

If we take into consideration the motor power and nature, each of them has a motor of 3/4 horsepower. Furthermore, both these products have dura-drive induction motors installed into them. Similarly, the speed of the motor in both these garbage disposals is 1725 RPM.

Continuous Feed Or Batch Feed:

It is necessary to mention here that both models of garbage disposals are continuous feed which makes them preferable over other products having batch feed mechanisms.

The feature of the continuous feed grinding mechanism makes these garbage disposals suitable for continuous without worrying about the problems like blockage as well as clog formation.


The body and components of both these products are made up of stainless steel making them more reliable and long-lasting. That’s why these garbage disposals are more reliable when compared with any other series or models of garbage disposals.

Grind Chamber Capacity:

They both have a grind chamber capacity of 26 oz that makes the process of grinding more effective as well as at a large scale. Thus, the working capability of these garbage disposals is enhanced to a considerable range. Now we will discuss in detail the features of both these garbage disposal models:

Badger InSinkErator 15ss Garbage Disposal:

Badger InSinkErator 15ss Garbage DisposalProducer: InSinkErator
Product dimensions:
12.6x7x7 inches, 16.46 pounds weight
Motor power: ¾ horsepower

Prominent Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Effective grinding
  • Enhanced reliability

Structure And Functioning:

The compact design of this garbage disposal makes it suitable for installation in small places also. Hence, if you are looking for a space-saving product, then the badger 15ss will be the most suitable one for your kitchen.

The motor fitted in this product is of ¾ horsepower and makes this garbage disposal capable and competent enough to provide effective and dependable grinding of waste material. It is also important to mention here that this motor has a working speed of 1725 RPM.

This speed improves the working capability of garbage disposal on one hand and makes this product resistant to clog formation on the other hand. Although the motor installed in this garbage disposal is not up to date and not equipped with advanced technology, its working is satisfactory and dependable.

The users of this garbage disposal showed satisfaction towards the functioning of this motor.  The grind chamber capacity of this garbage disposal is 26 oz.

It also facilitates the process of grinding and helps to overcome the problems like over-flowing or coming back of liquid waste from your kitchen sink. The components of the grinding chamber are made up of stainless steel and that’s why they are long-lasting and make this product more durable.

Additional Features:

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are some other features also that make this garbage disposal distinct and better in its nature.

For example, this garbage disposal is safe to use with septic systems due to its waste-reducing nature. Moreover, this garbage disposal deodorizes your kitchen sink making the environment of your kitchen clean, attractive, and comfortable for working.

However, keep in mind while buying this product that the power cord is not already attached to it, rather it is separately available with the product. So, you need to consult a plumber to install the power cord. This can be considered as a drawback of choosing this garbage disposal.

The company provides you with a 3-year warranty along with this product. However, if we talk about the grinding mechanism, it does not have any upgraded or advanced technology, rather it has one step grinding mechanism.

  • Powerful motor
  • Compatible with septic system
  • 3-year warranty
  • Polished stainless steel flange
  • Power cord is not attached
  • No noise insulation

Feedback From Customers:

Almost all of the customers showed satisfaction towards the ease of installation of this product. They were also happy with the performance of this garbage disposal. Similarly, some of the customers appreciated the low price of this product also.

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While on the other hand some of the customers complained about the plastic shroud of this product which makes it difficult to be installed in small places.

If you also find it difficult to install, you can remove this shroud as it does not have any special task regarding the performance of waste disposal. Some of the customers also complained about the smell it expels after some time of working.

InSinkErator Badger 900 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer:InSinkErator Badger 900 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer

Producer: InSinkErator
Product dimensions: 6.75×12.63×6.31 inches, 15.55 pounds weight
Motor power: ¾ horsepower

Prominent Features:

  • Powerful grinding
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable

Structure And Working:

This garbage disposal comes with a powerful motor, of ¾ horsepower and 1725 RPM speed, installed in it similar to that of the badger 900 as mentioned earlier. The power and high speed of the motor collectively take part in enhancing the effectiveness of the grinding of waste material carried out by this garbage disposal.

If we look at the model of the motor installed in this product, the dura-drive induction motor seems to be more practical. This garbage disposal has a special feature of a quick lock sink mount which makes the process of its installation as well as replacement easier and quicker.

If we talk about the size, this product has a compact and space-saving design just like that of badger 15ss. So, you can easily choose this product also without worrying about the space available for its installation.

The components of the grinding chamber are made up of stainless steel that makes this product a long-lasting and reliable choice for the users. The reason behind the durability is corrosion resistant nature of this product’s material.

Additional Features:

The power cord is not attached readily, you need to install it yourself or by contacting and consulting. However, in most cases, you need not attach a power cord because the installation is directly wired.

This product also has a warranty of 3-years like that of badger 15ss. However, it comes with in-home parts as well as a labor service warranty. This special feature makes it preferable over the badger 15ss.

This garbage disposal is also continuous feed and you need not worry while putting waste into it continuously when you are working in your kitchen.

  • Compact size
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Stainless steel components
  • In-home parts and labor service warranty
  • Quick-lock sink mount
  • Effective grinding of waste
  • Self-service wrench
  • Power cord not attached
  • May expel odor after some time span

Feedback From Customers:

All the consumers praise the easy installation and effective grinding mechanism of this garbage disposal. The majority of the customers were happy and showed satisfaction towards the performance of this product and its budget-friendly price. They also praise the quiet working of motor despite the lack of any noise-reducing technology.

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On the other hand, some of the users complained about the unpleasant odor coming out of this garbage disposal while working. Similarly, they also claimed the leakage problem faced by them after using the product for one or two years.

Badger 15ss Or 900 Which One is Better?

If we compare these two products, although we will find many similarities between them, however, there are certain features that make them distinct from each other.

As far as the question is concerned that which one of these two is better, both these have certain features which make them preferable over each other. And the answer to this question depends upon your needs and requirements. For example, if you have to choose one of these two which is space-saving, it would be better for you to choose the badger 15ss.

Similarly, if you need a quiet working and noise-free garbage disposal, then badger 900 will be suitable for you. similar is the case in other features also.

How do Garbage Disposals Work?

Garbage disposals work by crushing the solid waste materials with the help of blades and impeller plates so that there is no obstruction in the waste disposal mechanism and drainage system.

Is It Necessary To Hire A Plumber For Garbage Disposal Installation?

In most cases, you need not hire any plumber or expert. Rather, you yourself can install a garbage disposal. However, if the product doesn’t contain a pre-installed power cord, then you need to hire a professional expert or plumber for the installation of your garbage disposal.

How To Unclog Garbage Disposal?

You can easily unclog your garbage disposal as the procedure is very simple. First, disconnect the electricity by unplugging your garbage disposal. Then pour adequate water into it and pour natural disposal cleaner i-e caustic soda and vinegar. Then rinse it with water again.

What Not To Put in the Garbage Disposal?

It is necessary to know what not to put in the garbage disposal. Things you must avoid putting in your garbage disposal include fibrous foods, vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, oils, grease, and hard bones. So, it is necessary for you to be careful in this regard and avoid putting the things mentioned above.

What To Do If Garbage Disposal Comes Without A Power Cord?

Most of the products have a pre-installed power cord, however, if a product does not contain a power cord, you can get it by ordering on amazon. After buying a power cord, you can ask any plumber or an expert to install it into your garbage disposal.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Producing A Humming Sound?

If you find your garbage disposal humming, either it is clogged or it needs to be reset. First, check if there is any clog, if not then you need to reset it.

How To Reset A Garbage Disposal?

The process of resetting garbage disposal is very simpler and easier. First, you need to unplug your garbage disposal. Then find out the red-colored reset button at the lower surface of your garbage disposal and press it. After that rinse it with adequate water.

Are Garbage Disposals Loud?

Not all garbage disposals are loud. It depends upon the nature and brand of the product. If you need noise-free garbage disposal, you can go for the products with noise-reducing technology. However, these products are costly.


If you don’t have information or experience regarding the working of garbage disposals, and you have to select one of the two products namely badger 15ss and badger 900, this InSinkErator Badger 900 vs 15ss article will help you a lot in this regard.

After reading the differences, similarities, and detailed features of these products, you can find out whether badger 15ss installation and its other features match your needs or badger 900 will be suitable for your kitchen sink.

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