When Was The Garbage Disposal Invented? [Detailed Overview]

When Was The Garbage Disposal Invented?

It was the year 1927 when the first-ever garbage disposal was invented by a person named John W. Hammes. After this remarkable invention which brought an innovation in the kitchen drainage system, the inventor of this masterpiece himself along with two of his sons established the first company manufacturing garbage disposals.

The newly founded company was named InSinkErator and even today this brand is a top-notch seller of garbage disposals. InSinkErator garbage disposal products are well known all across the world for their high performance and durability.

If you are curious about finding out the history behind garbage disposal invention, then this article is what you are in need of. Before having an in-depth knowledge of the invention history of garbage disposal, it is necessary to have a precise and brief introduction of the inventor.


Brief Introduction Of John W. Hammes:Introduction Of John W. Hammes

As mentioned above, it was John W. Hammes who invented the first garbage disposal ever. People may have a general perception about Hammes that he was a professional inventor. But you will be surprised to know that he was not an inventor.

He was a well-known architect and contractor of his time. You will also be amazed to know that before stepping into the field of architecture, he took start as a farmer as well as a carpenter.

However, he was an expert architect and contractor at that time. And he got fame as a building contractor. He had the expertise of renovating and transforming older buildings into modern apartments with amazing building structures.

One of his great achievements was that he had an award for constructing more than 80 percent of the total number of apartments of Racine Wisconsin.

Timeline Of Invention:

Although the invention of garbage disposal had been accomplished in the year 1927 it was not clear and famous enough in front of the public. After almost eleven years of its invention, the garbage disposal was made public in the year 1938.

If we talk about the inspiration that made Hammes invent this device innovation, it was just a simple incident. Once Hammes was standing in the kitchen and his wife was just placing the vegetable peels or in other words, food waste in a piece of paper temporarily so that it may be thrown in the basket or bin.

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The idea sparked in the mind of Hammes that there should be a device that automatically cuts and crushes the food waste and allows its drainage through pipes. He picked up this idea and gave it a practical shape in the form of the invention of garbage disposal.

Furthermore, Hammes worked for years on it before making this product available commercially as told above.

Development Of Business:

Right after the invention and publicity of the garbage disposal among masses till 1938, the inventor- Hammes and two of his sons decided to lay down the foundation of a garbage disposal producing company or brand. They made it and the company was named InSinkErator as stated above.

The newly established company-InSinkErator made a progress at an exponential rate. And the reason behind this much fast progress of the brand was the quality being provided to the users.

The brand was committed to providing the best quality products to the users. So it never compromised over quality, no matter what conditions and hardships it had to face. Some of the challenges and difficulties faced by InSinkErator, in the beginning, included a ban from the government side, budget shortage as well as second world war.

When Was The Garbage Disposal Invented?

Despite all kinds of difficulties and circumstances, the company continued to work and tackled all the difficulties with innovative ways and methods. And these innovations secured the future of the brand.

The success of the InSinkErator brand can be estimated from the fact that in the beginning, it produced just fifty-two units per year. However, later on, the brand expanded its working, and today InSinkErator is among top-notch garbage disposal brands and has the most extensive network all across the world.

Roadmap To The Success:

Here is a series of events that the InSinkErator brand experienced during the whole journey from a small shop to the most extensive and large business network.

Start From Wisconsin:

The brand started its journey from Racine, Wisconsin. Starting from a single, small-sized shop, the company expanded its services up to 75000 square feet till 1952.

The inventor of garbage disposal and the owner of InSinkErator- Hammes died in 1953. However, his children kept working with the same passion and brought many improvements by adding various features to the products including a 5-year warranty.

Emerson, a well-known engineering and technology firm, got the ownership of the brand in 1968 and continued to boost its services. Now the brand provides its services outside the USA, across the world as well.

Current Status:

The company continued bringing innovations in its products. The most prominent example of such innovations is hot water tap production in the 1970s. The services were expanded reaching up to 388000 square feet and the number of products exceeded the figure of fifty million till the 1980s.

After the year 2000, significant innovation was seen and today InSinkErator is a leading garbage disposal brand.

InSinkErator is a leading garbage disposal brand.


Any garbage disposal user may think of when was this innovative product was invented. The information given in this article will make this clear in front of you that garbage disposal was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes as told at the start of the article.

And the very first brand of garbage disposals introduced was InSinkErator. After that many others were also introduced including the waste king, Moen and etc. You can get any of these brands through Garbage Disposal Amazon services. Or you may also go for Garbage disposal Costco.

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