How Does A Garbage Disposal Work? – [Complete Detailed Info]

How does a Garbage Disposal Work?

Lots of people want to know how does garbage disposal work? In simple words, the garbage disposal is an electrical device that is installed below the kitchen sink. The basic purpose of installing this device is to make the flow of waste material smooth and free from a blockage in the drainage system.

Garbage disposal does so by crushing the harder materials in the waste into smaller pieces. By installing a garbage disposal system in your kitchen sink, you can make waste drainage easier. At the same time, it can make the outlook of the kitchen neat and clean.

Thus, we can say that the garbage disposal sink is better than that without the garbage disposal. In order to understand the working method of garbage disposal, first, we need to examine its structure.


Structure, Problems, And Working Mechanism Of Garbage Disposal:

Mainly, garbage disposal consists of two parts i-e shredder and impeller. Shredder with the help of blades, called shredder blades, breaks down the large particles of food into comparatively smaller ones.

While the other part named as impeller consists of structures similar to that of teeth and an impeller plate. After the shredder has done its work, the fast-moving impeller plate pushes the waste material along the walls of garbage disposal with a strong force.

This force splits these relatively smaller parts further into smaller ones. After the garbage disposal has crushed the harder elements of the waste, the chances of blockage are reduced to a remarkable extent.

Resetting Of Garbage Disposal:

Sometimes, the garbage disposal suddenly stops working. This may happen due to overheating of garbage disposal. On overheating, the garbage disposal trips down. And we know that overheating occurs either due to the continuous and prolonged working of a garbage disposal or due to the formation of clogs in the garbage disposal.

In this case, you can reset the garbage disposal by simply pressing the red button present on the lower side garbage disposal.

Some Issues Related To Working Of Garbage Disposal:

The main issue which you may face while using the garbage disposal is clog formation. Clogs are formed due to the accumulation of either greasy materials like soap or the sticking of hard food materials. This clog formation distorts the flow of waste material and causes a blockage which can cause even an overflow.

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Similarly, the garbage disposal can even burn out after getting overheated. The burning of garbage disposal is often linked with the heavy workload. Furthermore, in very rare cases, the garbage disposal after overheating or shorting out of the circuit may catch fire. You need to be aware of these problems so that you may be able to tackle any garbage disposal problem you face while using them.

How To Overcome The Problems Of Garbage Disposal?

If you are facing the issue of clog formation, you can use a garbage disposal cleaner like Drano to solve this issue. These drain cleaners consist of chemicals that dissolve the clogs easily and remove them through water drainage.

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In order to overcome the overheating of garbage disposal, you can use garbage disposal having a high-power motor like the garbage disposal of 1 or 2 horsepower. It will not only avoid overheating but also it will also help to reduce the chances of burning.

You need to avoid putting hard food particles and fibrous food in order to avoid clog formation and blockage.

How does a Garbage Disposal Work?


Garbage disposal helps to make the waste drainage of your kitchen sink smoother and better. If you find your garbage disposal not working, you can try the above-given solutions. You should also know how to use a garbage disposal. For this purpose, you can consult the instructions mentioned above. It will be helpful in the enhancement of the working of garbage disposal.

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