Are All Garbage Disposals The Same Size? – [Complete Details]

Are All Garbage Disposals the Same Size?

There are several ambiguities in the minds of people while choosing garbage disposal suitable for their kitchen sink. But the most basic and common question in this regard is considered to be are all garbage disposals the same size? The answer to this question is that no, all garbage disposals are not of the same size.Are All Garbage Disposals the Same Size?

The size of garbage disposal is necessary to be kept in mind during garbage disposal replacement. The size of the garbage disposal is worth considering. Because, if not considered, it may cause problems while garbage disposal installation.

While choosing the right size garbage disposal for your kitchen sink, certain things are important which are given below in detail.


Factors That Tell Are All Garbage Disposals The Same Size?

Garbage disposals

Motor Power & Size:

The important thing while choosing the size of a garbage disposal or garbage disposal motor is how much workload it has to face. The types of motors according to their working capability and power are given below.

1/3 Horsepower Motor:

The garbage disposal having 1/3 horsepower motor is considered the lowest power disposal. This type of garbage disposal will be suitable for the apartment having the least number of people like one or two people. It can’t work under a high working load and there are more chances of jam and blockage of this garbage disposal.

1/2 Horsepower Motor:

Garbage disposal of ½ horsepower motor is considered to be the most suitable one for the common use. It proves to be more efficient for use as well as compatible because of its small size. It requires a small space for its installation, that’s why it can be installed even if you have a very small space below the sink.

3/4 Horsepower Motor:

Garbage disposal having a motor of ¾ horsepower is suitable for high working loads. That’s why it can be used in the kitchen sink of the apartment having more usage of the kitchen sink and more waste disposal. ¾ hp garbage disposal is considered to be the best among these types because it has very few chances of blockage and jam due to the high power of the motor.

1 Horsepower Motor:

In case your kitchen sink needs continuous waste removal and has more usage than normal, you can opt for the 1 horsepower garbage disposal.

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It has even more power as compared to the garbage disposals given above. Due to the heavy power motor, it can crush even hard food and other particles. So, it is thought to be jam and blockage-free garbage disposal.

2 Horsepower Motor:

If you need garbage disposal for an apartment having more than 8 persons and the garbage disposal has to work for hours continuously, then the most preferable one would be the garbage disposal of 2 horsepower.

Availability Of Space For The Installation:

Before choosing garbage disposal of a certain size, what you need to do is just check the space available for the installation of garbage disposal. if you have small space below the kitchen sink, you should opt for small garbage disposals like 1/3 or ½ hp garbage disposal which requires very small space.

You need to keep this aspect in mind especially when you are going to install the 1hp or 2hp garbage disposal because these both require a large space for installation.


We can conclude, taking into account the discussion given above, that all garbage disposals are not of the same size. This means that garbage disposal measurements are worth considering and they should be in accordance with the size of your kitchen sink.

So, you must have some know-how about how to choose the suitable size garbage disposal for your kitchen sink. For this purpose, you should be aware of garbage disposal dimensions.

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