InSinkErator Vs Waste King – [Which One Is Better For You?]

InSinkErator vs Waste King

Before comparing these two brands InSinkErator vs Waste King, we need to have some general information about the working of garbage disposal. As we know that the main and basic function of garbage disposal is to make the process of waste disposal in your kitchen smooth and obstruction-free.

There are several factors that affect the performance as well as the compatibility of the garbage disposal with your kitchen sink. For example, motor power, continuous feed or batch feed, size, and material are among the most basic ones.

There are two famous and quality-providing companies named InSinkErator and waste king. In this article, we will compare these two that will be helpful for you in selecting the best garbage disposal.


Comparison of Waste King & InSinkErator:

InSinkErator vs Waste King

Information Of Waste King Garbage Disposals:

1. Motor:

When it comes to the efficiency and performance of garbage disposal, the nature of the motor used in it plays a key role in this regard. The more efficient a motor will be more will be the performance of garbage disposal.

Waste King garbage disposals have permanent magnet motors in them. The researches and tests conducted on these motors have clearly revealed that these motors are more efficient and better than the others used in garbage disposals.

Furthermore, the permanent magnet motors have a speed of 2600, 2700, and even 2800 RPM in some products. This high speed not only enhances the working capability of garbage disposals but also makes them jam-free and clog-resistant also. This factor gives waste king priority over the InSinkErator.

2. Nature Of Grinding Chamber:

When it comes to the nature of the grinding chamber, waste has not made any upgrades in it as compared to InSinkErator. Although, the grinding chambers of waste king products are not up to date, however, the customers show satisfaction towards their working capability.

The waste king garbage disposals having low power have grind chambers made up of galvanized steel. While those having motor power of 3/4 horsepower or more than that, have their grinding chambers made up of stainless steel.

As per customers’ reviews, they are happy with the grinding chamber working on these garbage disposals.

3. Size:

If we talk about the size of these garbage disposals, they provide the best solution to the space-taking problem. They are all slim and small-sized and they can be easily fitted or installed under your kitchen sink even if there is very small space available for their installation.

Their compact designs are especially more dependable while considering the space-saving nature. For example, the Whirlaway series is more dependable in this regard. This space-saving feature of the waste king makes it preferable over InSinkErator.

Sizes of waste king garbage disposals

4. Quite Working:

While considering the quiet and peaceful working of garbage disposal products, we find that the waste king has not made any remarkable improvements in this regard.

Waste King has not introduced any sound-reducing technology yet, however, it has made some changes and improvements in the permanent magnet motors making them less noisy.

5. Power Cord:

All the products of this brand come with an already installed power cord. Which certainly adds ease to the process of installation of the products of the waste king.

Thus, you yourself can easily install the garbage disposals and you need not consult any expert. This feature is also a plus point for a waste king.

6. Warranty:

When it comes to the warranty of products, you will find no brand better than the waste king. The reason behind this is its long-lasting products and longtime warranty provided by this brand.

The warranty of waste king products varies between 2 to 20 years. Warranty differs from product to product in accordance with the type and quality of the product.

A few of the top products of waste king provide you with an admirable warranty lasting up to 20 years. This feature makes this brand superior to InSinkErator.

7. Cost:

The price of certain garbage disposal is a worth considering feature. Waste King is a brand that provides users with budget-friendly products. This factor can be easily observed by looking at the fact that all of the garbage disposal products under this brand are available at a price lower than 150$.

So, we can say that when it comes to the price of garbage disposals, the waste king has an upper hand. However, it is necessary to mention here, although, the products of InSinkErator are costly they have several additional features and qualities that waste king products don’t have.

For example, when it comes to sound-reducing technology, waste king provides no facilities in this regard. Despite this fact, still people like waste king products.

Information Of InSinkErator Garbage Disposals:

1. Motor:

If we examine the motors used by InSinkErator garbage disposals, we will come to know that the motors used by this brand are dura-drive induction motors.

When we compare these dura-drive induction motors with permanent magnet motors as used by the waste king, we can say that the performance of permanent magnet motors is higher than the induction motors to a remarkable extent.

Despite the fact, that efficiency of permanent magnet motors is higher than induction motors, the InSinkErator brand uses induction motors and tries to improve the functioning of these motors.

2. Nature Of Grinding Chamber:

Similar to those of waste king products, the garbage disposals of the InSinkErator brand have corrosion-resistant grinding chambers. The grinding chambers of high-power garbage disposals are made up of stainless steel. While those of low-power garbage disposals are composed of galvanized steel.

The most important feature of InSinkErator garbage disposals regarding the grinding chambers is that they have a multi-step grinding mechanism that enhances the effectiveness of grinding to great extent. In addition to this, it makes the garbage disposals jam-free.

3. Size Of InSinkErator Garbage Disposal:

The badger series of this brand are comparatively space-saving and they can be fitted into small places with greater ease. The garbage disposals of this series have a slim look.

While, when it comes to the evolution series, although their performance is very dependable, their waist is not suitable for installation in smaller places. This is a drawback of the InSinkErator evolution series. So, we can say that when it comes to the size of garbage disposals, the waste king will be a better option.

sizes InSikErator of garbage disposals

4. Working Sound:

It is a worth considering factor before selecting any type or brand of garbage disposal. If we talk about the badger series of the InSinkErator brand, they are noisy because of the lack of noise-reducing technology.

However, if you want to avoid this problem, you can go for the evolution series of this brand. Evolution series has a special feature of noise-reducing technology and the garbage disposals of this series are very quiet and peaceful in their working.

5. Power Cord:

If we take into consideration this factor, we come to know that not all garbage disposals of the InSinkErator brand come with power cords. And in case the power cord is not attached, you may face a problem during its installation, and you will need a plumber or other expert for the installation of this garbage disposal.

That’s why it is necessary to consider this factor while buying a product of this brand. Make sure before buying that it has a pre-installed power cord.

6. Warranty:

In contrast with the waste king products which provide you a long warranty of up to 20 years, the InSinkErator provides you a comparatively short time warranty and that varies from product to product.

This brand provides you a warranty of a maximum of 7 years. Although, the warranty is not so long, however, the customers and users showed through their reviews and responses that they were happy with this brand. The reason behind which is effectively working and outstanding service of the products.

For example, within the time period of warranty, if you face any problem or fault in the working of your garbage disposals, you can avail of the free service provided by this brand. Your garbage disposal will be repaired and replaced if needed without charging any additional cost.

7. Price:

Price is also among the most considerable factors while deciding which garbage disposal will be matching with your needs and requirements. If we compare the prices of the waste king and InSinkErator, we will find that the products of InSinkerator are more costly when compared with those of waste king.

If you need budget-friendly products, you can go for the badger series that is under 150$. In this series, the products will lack certain features that are available in the evolution series.

If you need a quality product, no matter what the price is, then the evolution series is there for you. Products of this series may have a price of up to 300$. However, the products will have amazing features like multi-step grinding, noise insulation, etc.

Garbage disposals


If you are in search of the best garbage disposal? you will find the two brands mentioned in this article helpful. However, if we compare InSinkErator vs waste king, both brands have their own pros and cons. You can choose the one that matches your requirements.

If you need economical and efficient garbage disposal for your kitchen sink, it will be better for you to go for waste king. But, if you are quality conscious and you are willing to pay high for quality assurance, then InSinkErator will be the best option for you.

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