What Is A Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal? [Complete Info]

What Is A Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal?

As it is evident from the name of this type of garbage disposals, they provide your disposal of waste without having any type of pause or break while working. In contrast with the batch feed garbage disposals which accomplish the food waste disposal task in batches, the continuous feed garbage disposals keep working until or unless they are plugged off.

No matter you have experience using garbage disposals or you are going for this option the first time, you should be aware of different factors that determine the compatibility of garbage disposals with your needs. And feed type is one of these factors.

With respect to the feed type, garbage disposals are divided into two types namely continuous feed garbage disposals and batch feed garbage disposals. However, this article is going to elaborate on what is continuous feed garbage disposal and whether to choose it or not.

Almost every brand of garbage disposals including Waste king garbage disposal, Insinkerator, and Moen manufactures continuous garbage disposals. Hence there is no need to worry about getting them.


Details Of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals:

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Working Of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals:

In order to determine the compatibility of a continuous feed garbage disposal with your needs and requirements, it is necessary for you to know about its working. Here is how does a continuous feed garbage disposal works.

This type of garbage disposal once turned on, keeps working until the supply of electricity is cut off. So, whenever you are working in your kitchen, you can put the food waste into this type of garbage disposal anytime.

Unlike the batch feed garbage disposal, this type of disposer does not need to be turned on and off repeatedly. Rather, after turning it on, you can put the food waste into it without having any fear of its coming back or being stuck.

Another thing that distinguishes this garbage disposal from batch feed units is that it is capable of handling large amounts of food waste. So, if you are looking for heavy-duty garbage disposal, then it must be of continuous feed type.

Advantages Of Continuous Feed Disposer Unit:

Here are some of the advantages and factors that make continuous feed disposer units a preferable choice.

Quick And Efficient Working:

The very first and the most considerable thing that gives it an upper hand over other types is its fast working. This special feature of continuous food waste disposal or drainage makes the working of this type of garbage disposals remarkably fast.

So, you need not make the stacks of food waste in your kitchen. Instead, you can put the waste directly into your kitchen sink. Therefore, if you have a large family and a heavy working load in your kitchen, then continuous garbage disposal is what will be working for you.

The Vast Variety Of Models:

Another notable thing that adds a preference to this type of food waste disposer is the availability of a long-range of products of this category.

Different models of the continuous feed garbage disposals varying in their size, efficiency, noise-reducing capability, price, and durability are available in the markets. You can choose the Best Garbage Disposal that fulfills the needs of your kitchen.

Nothing To Worry About Maintenance:

You will be glad to know that continuous feed disposer units don’t need much for their maintenance. Unlike others, this type of food waste disposer does not need in-depth cleaning. In simple words, they are very easy to maintain. And this thing enhances their durability and compatibility with the needs of users.

Fast Cooking:

The installation of a continuous feed garbage disposal under your kitchen sink can make the process of cooking fast and efficient for you. It can be easily understood from the fact that you don’t have to collect food waste in the form of piles. Instead of it, you can directly throw it into your kitchen sink without fearing clogs or jams.

This thing saves your time up to a huge extent which you would have to spend otherwise in handling that food waste before throwing it into waste disposer. Apart from saving your time, it also helps you in keeping your kitchen neat and clean.

Budget-Friendly Choice:

Last but not the least benefit of choosing continuous feed disposer units is that almost of all of them have low costs. In this way, you can save a handsome amount of money which you would be spending on buying other costly products.

What is Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

Some Of The Drawbacks:

Here are some of the drawbacks of getting continuous feed disposer units.

Heavy Water Consumption:

First drawback of using continuous feed disposer units is that they require continuous water supply while working. It can inflict considerably high costs of water on you.

Higher Expenses:

Continuous working of this garbage disposal type will definitely use more electricity, thus enhancing the electricity bills leading to higher expenditure.

Probability Of Accidents:

Continuous working makes accidents more likely to happen. Accidentally putting a hand into this disposer unit can cause a laceration of the hand. So, be careful if you have children in your home.

Open Filler Neck:

Open filler neck can cause the splashing of food waste out of the sink. However, a splash guard is the most suitable solution to this problem.


No matter you are thinking of buying KitchenAid garbage disposal or a food waste disposer unit of any other brand, don’t forget to make sure that it is a continuous feed garbage disposal.

The pros and cons of continuous feed garbage disposal described in this article will enable you to decide whether it is good to buy this type of food waste disposer or not. And the answer will be an absolute yes.

All of the information given in this article is based on Garbage Disposal Reviews, therefore, there is no need to be concerned about whether or not the continuous feed garbage disposals will be working for you.

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