Are All Garbage Disposals Interchangeable? – [Complete Info]

Are All Garbage Disposals Interchangeable?

Are All Garbage Disposals Interchangeable? As long as this question is concerned, the answer is that not all garbage disposals are interchangeable. The reason behind this is that there are different types of garbage disposals that fit into different places depending upon the nature of the place they are going to be fitted along with some other requirements. Here, we will discuss in detail why all of the garbage disposals are not interchangeable.

When you are going to replace a garbage disposal? you have to take into consideration some aspects regarding the fitting of garbage disposal. Some of them are given below in detail.


Compatibility Of The Garbage Disposal Size:

You should think before changing garbage disposal that what size garbage disposal I need? For this purpose, you can check in the market and find the one that seems fit to meet your requirements. You can also visit different websites and get information about what size of garbage disposal will be suitable for you.

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Generally, the size of garbage disposal depends upon the working load. For example, if you need garbage disposal for an apartment where only 1 or 2 persons live. The garbage disposal of 1/3 or even ½  horsepower will be suitable for this apartment.

While an apartment having up to 8 persons will definitely need garbage disposal that can perform and handle more working load. That’s why the garbage disposal of at least 1 horsepower will be required in this case. If a garbage disposal is required for an apartment having more than 8 persons, it must be of 2 horsepower, so that it may fulfill the required workload.

In case you are going to interchange the garbage disposal of 1 hp with that of 2 hp, it will not be suitable. That’s why you have to keep in mind the size while interchanging or replacing a garbage disposal.

Types Of Garbage Disposals:

The garbage disposals are of different types. When you are going to get new garbage disposal, you should choose the one that is compatible with the requirements similar to that of the previous one.

If we talk about the types of garbage disposals, basically there are two types of garbage disposals given as continuous feed garbage disposal and batch feed garbage disposal.

1. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal:

As is evident from its name, this type of garbage disposal keeps working all the time. If you turn it on, it will keep working until or unless you turn it off.

It will be suitable for the kitchen where the waste material is in bulk or needs continuous removal and disposal. Similarly, while working in the kitchen you can throw the waste material directly into the garbage disposal instead of storing it. It helps in giving your kitchen a neat and clean outlook.

2. Batch Feed Garbage Disposal:

In contrast with the continuous feed, this type of garbage disposal doesn’t work continuously. You can manually control it’s working. It works in a discontinuous manner. When you have to need to dispose of the waste material, you can simply throw it into the disposal and put the drain cover on. It will crush and dispose of the waste.

Out of these two types you can choose which you think is the best garbage disposal. In case you are going to replace or interchange one of these two, make sure the new garbage disposal is of the same type.


So, all of the garbage disposals are not interchangeable due to differences in the garbage disposal installation procedures and some other factors given above. If you want to check whether particular garbage disposal is compatible with interchange or not, you can also take help from a garbage disposal buying guide and etc.

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