5 Garbage Disposal Problems And Solutions – [Complete Info]

Every garbage disposal user faces problems as garbage disposal is not a simple machine and it is used very often. So, problems are obligatory but every problem has a solution too. We will discuss both problems and solutions which are commonly faced by garbage disposal users.


Common Problems And Solutions Of Garbage Disposals:

Common Problems And Solutions Of Garbage Disposals

1. Foul Smell:

It is the problem that people face the most. There can be many reasons for which your disposal is giving bad smell. It may be because something is stuck inside the drain pipe. Most of the time, uncrushed food gets attached to the grinding blades or drain pipe. It starts to decay and the decaying process gives a really bad smell.


  • Mix the liquid soap with water and rinse the disposal with it.
  • Add baking soda and vinegar to the disposal and rinse it with clean cold water.
  • Use a stiff nylon brush and all-purpose kitchen cleaner to wash the drain pipe.
  • If these tricks don’t seem to work, call your plumber for professional cleaning at your disposal.

2. Grinding Noises:

It is difficult to use a disposal that is producing weird noises. It may be because the metal parts are rusting. It mostly happens when your disposal is too old or you don’t use it carefully. Another reason can be the stocking of any hard non-food material or large bones inside the disposal.

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  • If your disposal is very old, then there is no other solution but to replace it.
  • If your disposal is not so old, check the drain pipe and other parts which are easily accessible.
  • If you are unable to figure out the problem, call your plumber.

3. Leakage Problems:

It is the most common complaint of the garbage disposal users that their disposal is draining very slowly. It is not a severe problem. You can resolve it yourself depending on the location of the leakage. Leakage mostly appears when the O-ring needs replacement or other parts of disposal needs tightening. It can also happen if any sharp object drops in the disposal. It can make a hole in the disposable drain pipe and its only solution is to replace the drain pipe.

leakage problem


  • Try resolving this issue by yourself. Check the drainpipe, O-ring, and other accessible parts of the disposal.
  • Tighten the bolts which are holding the flange to the sink.
  • If you can’t figure out the problem by yourself, don’t break your disposal thinking you are a plumber. Call your plumber!

4. Clogging:

Clogging of the materials might be the reason why your disposal is not working properly. A clog can be formed by the non-food material, bones, fats or oils, eggshells, etc. These things are sometimes left uncrushed and can form a clog in the drain pipe. It can also be because of using less than required water. Some people don’t flush the disposal with cold water after use. It is the major reason for clogging.


  • The best way to avoid clogs is to be careful while using the disposal.
  • Try not to put hard things at your disposal. Put only those things in the disposal which are written in the manual.
  • Use plenty of cold water while using it and allow the water to flow through it after use.
  • If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact your plumber.

5. Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On?

It can be the simplest or the most complicated problem. It can be because the switch is not plugged in properly or the reset button has tripped. The wiring problems can also cause this problem. Exceeding the capacity of the waste disposal can hold can cause this problem too.


  • Try resolving this issue by confirming that the switch is plugged in.
  • Check the reset button present below the disposal.
  • If you have overloaded the disposal, turn it off and let the disposal cool down. Overloading causes overheating. Try to cool it down quickly by flushing the disposal with cold water.
  • If you are unable to resolve this issue, call a professional.

Why Garbage Disposal Smoking?

If you hear a humming sound from your disposal, turn it off quickly. If you don’t turn it off, you will see some smoke coming from the disposal. It means that either the internal circuit or wires have burnt. This is not a problem that you can resolve easily but still give it a try.

garbage disposal?


  • Turn the disposal off and open it from the bottom. Check the circuit. If it is burnt, there is no other solution but to replace the disposal.
  • If the circuit is not burnt, check the wires. If there are burnt, replace the wires.
  • If both the circuit and wires are not burnt, check the switchboard. Maybe the smoke is coming from the board.
  • If none of the above is the reason, call your plumber immediately.

These are some of the common problems faced by garbage disposal users. I hope this blog post has answered all your questions.

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