Can You Put Eggshells Down The Garbage Disposal? – [FAQs]

It is a common question that garbage disposal users ask whether either we can put eggshells in the disposal or not?  The answer is no. Is it safe to put eggshells down the disposal? Does it damage our disposal? This blog post is going to answer these questions.


Do Eggshells Sharpen The Blades Of Garbage Disposal?

First, let me answer this frequently asked question. People think that using eggshells will sharpen their disposal. Even some blog posts say that dropping an egg in the disposal and running it with cold water sharpens the blades of garbage disposals.

No, it does not! Because your disposal does not have any blades, my dear. They are blunt impellers that are not very sharp. They crush the food finely because of their rate of revolving. As the blades are very sharp, most manufacturers avoid using them in disposals. So, it is clear that eggshells can not be used as a sharpener for your disposal.


Do Eggshells Clog Pipes?

The answer is yes. Because eggshells are not easy to crush. Grinding the eggshells results in the formation of tiny sticky granular particles. They can stick in the drainpipe and can form a clog.

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Eggshells can also wrap themselves around the impellers. Some professionals say that one or two eggshells at a time do not form any clog. But, it is still better to avoid putting eggshells in the garbage disposal.

How To Unclog Eggshells From A Garbage Disposal?

If the number of eggshells you have put in the disposal is not huge, you can unclog it yourself. Try flushing the disposal with plenty of water for several minutes. If that doesn’t work, fill the sink with hot water while the stopper is covering the disposal opening. Pull the stopper. It will clean the disposal thoroughly.  If the disposal is still not working properly, call your plumber.

Are Eggshells Bad For Garbage Disposals?

Yes, they are bad for garbage disposals. They stick in the impellers and pipes and form a clog. They shorten the lifetime of disposal. If the garbage disposal is used with the eggshell stuck inside, it will cause damage to the unit.

What Are The Worst Things To Put In Garbage Disposal?

  • Eggshells
  • Fruit pits
  • Oil and fats
  • Coffee grounds
  • Non-food items

Avoid putting these things at your disposal to give them a longer life.

Does Bleach Dissolve Eggshells?

Bleach only dissolves the inner membrane of an egg. If you soak an egg in the bleach, it will decolorize the egg but will not dissolve it. So, do not try flushing your disposal with the water mixed with bleach.

Do Vinegar And Baking Soda Dissolve The Eggshells?

Vinegar is a very strong acid. If used excessively, it can damage the rubber parts of the garbage disposal. However, it has the ability to dissolve the eggshells. If your disposal is dirty, you can clean it with vinegar. First, add baking soda to the water and leave it for a few minutes. Then add vinegar to the solution. Do not concentrate on the solution by adding a large quantity of vinegar. Keep the solution diluted to avoid damage.


Can You Put Raw Eggs In The Garbage Disposal?

You can destroy your disposal easily by putting a raw egg in it. If you love your disposal, don’t put any such thing in the disposals. If you don’t like it and want it to get destroyed, then it is your choice. Just kidding. No, you can not put a raw egg in a garbage disposal.

How To Clean A Stinky Garbage Disposal?

It is not difficult to clean stinky garbage disposal. Pour two to three cups of baking soda into it. Then add half a cup of vinegar. Run the water and you now have new garbage disposal again.

How To Dispose Of Raw Eggs?

You can dispose of raw eggs in the garbage disposal. Yes, I just said not to put eggs in the disposal. I’m still on it. First, crack the egg and separate its components. Put the shell aside and drop the rest of the components into the disposal. Run it with cool water.

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These were some frequently asked questions and their answers. Garbage disposal is a very efficient machine but it’s still a machine. So, use it wisely and carefully. A single mistake can do you and your disposal great harm. Things which you should keep in mind while using disposal are:

  • Use cool water while using it in your daily routine.
  • Don’t rush while using it. Run it for a longer time.
  • Do not overload it.
  • Avoid hard and non-food items.
  • Keep the water running for 30 seconds after use.
  • Clean your sink before using it.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you. If you have other queries, you can check the other blog posts on this website. I hope they will answer all your questions.

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