How To Replace A Garbage Disposal? – [Detailed Information]

How to Replace a Garbage Disposal?

it is necessary to have some knowledge about how hard is it to replace a garbage disposal? Because, despite having proper care and attention, there is the possibility of leakage and even breaking of garbage disposal.

In case your garbage disposal is not working properly or having a leakage problem, you need to replace it as soon as possible in order to prevent any problem in waste drainage. So, you must know the method of replacement of garbage disposal. If you already know how to install a garbage disposal for the first time, then the replacement method will be quite easier for you.

A common perception of the replacement procedure of a garbage disposal can be that it is a complex or difficult task. But when it comes to reality, it is a very simple and easy process in case you have the proper tools and gadgets required for this process.

You need not hire any professional plumber to replace a garbage disposal, instead you yourself can easily replace it having the required tools and some knowledge about it.


The Detailed Method Of Replacing Garbage:

Garbage disposals

Tools And Requirements To Replace Garbage Disposal:

Although the tools requirement may be different for different types of garbage disposal depending upon their structure, the tools used commonly in this regard are given below.

The tools commonly required for garbage disposal replacement include a hammer, putty knife, needle nose pliers, plumber’s putty, Phillips head screwdriver, and flat head screwdriver.

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Another thing you need to be careful about is shut down the electric supply to the garbage disposal before starting the process of replacement. Make sure that the electric supply to the garbage disposal is completely cut off by checking it by turning on the garbage disposal. You have to carefully follow the steps mentioned below in order to replace your garbage disposal.

Remove The Drain Or Discharge Tube:

The drain or discharge tube is a pipe made up of either polyvinylchloride (PVC) or a metal. The function of this tube is to drain the waste towards the plumbing system of your home.

The first step you need to follow while replacing your garbage disposal is the removal of the drain tube also known as a discharge tube. For this purpose, what you need to do is just unscrew it and push it gently in order to detach it from the system.

If your garbage disposal is attached to the dishwasher, then you also have to disconnect that connection.

Remove The Older Disposal Unit:

After the removal of the drain tube, the next step is to remove the older garbage disposal unit. In order to do so, you have to unscrew the plate around the electrical connections.

After that, you need to unscrew any nuts or screws around the wires and get these electrical wires out of the garbage disposal. You can use needle-nose pliers to do this task easily.

Replacing a Garbage Disposal

After unscrewing electrical wires, just take out the mounting ring from the flange. After doing that simply pull out the flange bracket from the drain hole path. A screwdriver will help you in doing so. You need to push the sink flange in order to unfasten it, you may take help from the hammer if you feel necessary. If there is any older plumber’s putty, you have to remove it using the putty knife.

Now, your older garbage disposal unit is ready to be removed. Remove it simply and take it out.

Installation Of New Garbage Disposal:

One thing necessary to mention here is that if your new garbage disposal is compatible with the older one, then you need not remove the hardware setup of the older one. The steps for Installing new garbage disposal are given below.

Installation Of The New Hardware:

First of all, put a rubber seal inside the newer flange and place it from where the previous one was removed. The plumber’s putty will be used in this process.

Placement Of Mounting Bracket:

Fix the mounting rings to the new mounting assembly with the help of screws. Tighten the screws and put the mounting assembly in its place. If you want to attach your garbage disposal unit with the dishwasher also, then you need to remove the plugs from the dishwasher connection site on it.

Placement Of New Garbage Disposal:

Place the new disposal unit above the mounting ring and turn the ring clockwise until it is fitted properly with the new garbage disposal unit. Make its connection with the drain tube and tighten well the screws, so that it may not detach from it during use.

Electrical Connection:

Make the connection of electrical wires into the new garbage disposal unit. In order to do it, pass the wires from the sleeves and then tighten the sleeves. These sleeves will hold the wires firmly in their place. Secure the connections by connecting the wires i-e red to red and black to black. Rinse water through the disposal unit in order to check if there is any leakage. Your disposal is ready to be used. Turn it on.


If you notice your garbage disposal leaking or it gets broken, you can replace it yourself. You can do it simply by following the procedure given above step by step. You need to choose the best garbage disposal compatible with your requirements before you are going to replace the older one.

After reading the discussion given above, you will be able to know how to replace a garbage disposal in a double sink or in any other type of kitchen sink.

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