How To Remove A Garbage Disposal And Replace It With Pipe?

How to Remove a Garbage Disposal and Replace it with Pipe

To How to Remove a Garbage Disposal and Replace it with Pipe takes time. There may be many reasons to remove garbage disposal.  Maybe, the damaged channel pipe is the main reason for removing garbage disposal. If you remove your garbage disposal just because it stops working, try to unlock the tool or reset it before you remove it.

Even though it is one of the most challenging equipment and the most challenging worker in the kitchen, finally, it is time to bid farewell to it. With our step-by-step guide, you can understand the complete procedure for removing garbage disposal. You can end up with a procedure within two to three hours if you are ready with complete material and have good knowledge about draining tools and pipes.


Things You Need To Remove Garbage Disposal:

  • Channel Type Tang
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Basket filter
  • Putty Plumber

Steps To Remove Garbage Disposal:

Waste disposal consists of many attachments such as electricity supply (both directly and through the collection mounted on the wall), drain from the dishwasher, drain to sink the trap, and install disposal.

how to remove garbage disposal

1. Remove The Garbage Disposal:

To start removing garbage disposal, you need to make sure that it is revoked or the switch is turned off from the electrical service panel or circuit breaker. Or you can loosen the cable from the disposal directly. It is a security prevention measure before advancing with further steps.

2. Pull The Drain Trap:

After being revoked, remove the trap of the sewer. Sewers traps are connections between the garbage disposal and channel pipes. You will need a screwdriver to release the exhaust pipe. Use a bucket to collect water standing from the exhaust pipe.

3. Disposal Lines Of The Dishwasher:

If the dishwasher is also connected, then you need to break it again from the garbage disposal. Using a plier, remove the drain drainer line from the garbage disposal. Now, remove the trap pipe by removing the peanut trap using a plier. Remove the trap pipeline to allow you to remove continuous waste.

4. Remove Garbage Disposal From The Sink:

Once all connections are removed from the garbage disposal, it is time to remove your garbage disposal from the sink. Waste disposal will be secured by the retention ring that needs to be loosened to release the sink trap’s garbage disposal. For this, you will need a flat screwdriver to be placed under the ring and open it. After doing so, the removal will fall.

5. Unpacking The Installation Of Garbage Disposal:

Mounting assemblies consist of two parts. The top is a soap, which is above the sink and allows waste to pass it. The bottom is a triangle, and three nuts hold it. It can be dismantled after opening the retaining ring by loosening three beans.

The remaining part of the disposal unit goes down as breadth, allows you to pull it out of your sink trap. To prevent damage to the floor or yourself, you can catch it when you come out, or you can put a towel.

You can follow further steps; you don’t want to replace garbage disposal and instead want to return to the sewer. These additional steps will lead to installing the sink curtain and draining the pipe, allowing wastewater to flow in drainpipes.

How To Replace Garbage Disposal With A Pipe?

1. Turn Off The Power To The Waste Disposal And Remove The Trap Below:

Turn off the power on the fuse box or circuit breaker. Then, use pliers that can be adjusted, disconnect the drain from a garbage disposal tube.

2. Free Garbage Disposal From Assembling Installation:

It supports garbage disposal with one hand and inserts the end of the wrench or screwdriver to the right side of one lug installation on the installation ring below. Lift a slight garbage disposal site and loosen the bottom installation ring by pushing or pulling the right wrench or screwdriver to the left until the waste disposal is free from assembly installation.

3. Disconnect The Electrical Connection:

Place the waste disposal on the side and remove the power cover plate from below. Loosen the screw on the electric clamp connector and draw the line from the garbage disposal.

4. Delete Existing Hardware If Needed Hardware Replacement:

To delete the installation’s existing hardware, loosen the three mounting screws, pull out the Snap ring with a screwdriver and remove the old installation assembly.

5. Remove The Old And Putty Sink Flanges:

Push the old sink lead up through the sinkhole. Use a screwdriver or putty knife to scrape all the old throw from the edge of the sinkhole.

6. Install The New Sink Flanges, Packing, And Ring:

Place a 1/2 inch LEDOT strap around the sewer in the sink. Drop the new FLENK sink into the opening of the drain and press it into place. Placing a weight, such as waste disposal, on top of the sink will help hold the Flanges sink while installing a sink flange to the sink.

To avoid scratching the sink or flanges, place the towel between the sink’s surface and weigh. (See Figure 4) from the bottom of the sink, sliding fiber parking, backup flanges, and installation of flengs on the flank sink. Hold these pieces.

7. Remove The Dishwasher’s Plug:

If you use a dishwasher, you must use the Dishwasher Ko Plug. Place the waste disposal by his side and use a screwdriver and hammer to tap it. Next, remove the loose KO plug from the garbage disposal.

8. Connect Electricity:

Rotate waste disposal and remove the electrical cover plate. Pull wires. Insert the cable connector (not included) and run the power cable through the access hole at the bottom of the waste disposal. Tighten the cable connector. Push the line into garbage disposal (don’t play a shield carton) and replace the electrical cover plate.

If you have a default unit and want to attach a cable, you will need a power cable kit. For installation instructions for the power cable kit, click here.

Corded Unit:

For garbage disposal with a cable installed by a factory, please attach it to the outlet under your sink after completing the remaining steps.

Garbage disposals

9. Hanging Garbage Disposal:

Hang the garbage disposal by aligning three installation tabs with a slide-up slide on the installation ring. Holding garbage disposal in place, rotate the installation ring until the three accounts are locked to assembly installation. Waste disposal will now be hung by itself.


10. Enter The Release Tube:

Insert the debit tube into the release coupler, then slide the clamp on the release tube and position it in the groove on the rubber tailpipe coupler.

11. Align The Debit Tube With A Channel Trap:

Turn the garbage disposal, so that trap channels synchronize the release tube. If the release tube is too long, cut as much as needed. If it’s too short, you can buy an extension.

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