How To Clean Garbage Disposal? – [Complete Guide & Details]

How to clean garbage disposal?

If you have a garbage disposal, it is necessary for you to be familiar with the ways to clean a garbage disposal, and its smell. Cleaning garbage disposal is necessary in order to keep your kitchen neat and clean as well as free from smell. It will be obviously helpful in making your indoor environment hygienic and comfortable.

Although, a garbage disposal works inefficiently way and does not allow the common blockage of the drainage system, after some time, the sticky particles of waste material pile up and may cause problems like clogs resulting in blockage coupled with the smell.

But, you need not worry in this regard. Because there are simple and easy ways to overcome this problem. In this article, we will discuss some easiest ways on how to clean the garbage disposal trap. The ways of cleaning garbage disposal given below will be certainly helping you to avoid the garbage disposal trap and keep your kitchen clean.


7 Steps To Clean The Garbage Disposal:

Garbage disposals

1. Disconnect The Electricity:

The first and foremost thing you need to do when you are going to clean garbage disposal is to disconnect the electricity. This step is crucial because failure to do so can prove to be dangerous. If electricity is not turned off, you may get an electrical shock because the working of garbage disposal is in water and it may get short circuit any time.

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Similarly, in case you don’t unplug it, it may suddenly start working and there are chances of getting your hand or fingers trapped into it resulting in a laceration of your hand.

2. Clean The Visible Trapped Waste:

Secondly, you should clean or remove the trapped food particles or other trash that is visible. Most commonly the visible trapped waste is in the splash guard and you can remove it by cleaning the splash guard. in order to clean it, you have to remove it and rinse it with water.

When you will remove the splash guard, any waste or trash tapped below the splash guard can be easily removed. In case the trash is too hard to be removed, you can use pliers to remove it.

3. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda:

After removal of visible waste material, you can go for rinsing the garbage disposal with an adequate quantity of water so that loose dirt and other such materials may get drained easily.

You should also know how to clean garbage disposal with baking soda. After rinsing with water, add one or half cup of baking soda in accordance with the quantity you need looking at the condition of your garbage disposal. Then leave it for some time, most probably one hour so that the baking soda can perform its work properly.

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After one hour of pouring baking soda into your garbage disposal, you can add a cup of vinegar if you feel necessary. It will assist the working of baking soda and the result will be mazing. After this, once again, add a large quantity of water in order to drain all waste material.

4. Cleaning With The Help Of Salt And Ice:

Another effective method of cleaning garbage disposal is with the help of salt and ice. In this technique, you need to add two cups of ice to the garbage disposal. In addition to ice, you may also put a cup of salt on it. After that, you should pour into it, water and while pouring the water, turn the garbage disposal on.

It will crush the ice and a mixture of salt and ice will be working as an effective scrub. With the help of this technique, you can easily clean the blades of garbage disposal along with the removal of clogs and other blockage material.

5. Cleaning With The Help Of Lemon:

Lemons can help you amazingly while cleaning the garbage disposal. you have to take some lemons, remove their peels and grind up these peels. Then add these ground-up lemon peels into the garbage disposal.

Then run cold water and turn on the garbage disposal. these lemon peels will not only remove the waste materials and clogs but also it will remove the smell also. And your kitchen sink will be just fresh and cleaned up.

6. Drain Cleaners:

Several kinds of drain cleaners are available in the market. You can use them also. These drain cleaners consist of strong chemicals that remove even sticky clogs easily. The chemical reactions between the drain cleaners and water produce heat which also helps in clog removal.

But keep in mind that these drain cleaners may have some side effects like skin irritation, eye problems and etc. So, try to avoid their usage and use them only in severe cases of dire need.

7. Regular Flushing Of Garbage Disposal:

If you keep flushing them after regular intervals, the chances of their getting blocked or clog formation are reduced greatly. For the flushing of your garbage disposal, you can run a stream of hot water through your garbage disposal for one or two minutes. It will dissolve clogs on one hand and remove the smell on the other hand.

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With the help of the ways of cleaning garbage disposal mentioned above, you will be able to know how to clean garbage disposal with ice and salt, how to clean garbage disposal with lemon as well as some other techniques helpful in this regard. Things, like salt, lemon, and baking soda are easily available in-home, so you can easily clean your garbage disposal.

So, we can say that the methods given above will help you in cleaning your garbage disposal effectively and with greater ease.

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