Garbage Disposal Buzzing But Not Working? [Issue & Solution]

When you have got garbage disposal, there are chances that you may face some problems like Garbage Disposal Buzzing But Not Working. So, you must be aware of the methods how to tackle these issues.

The most common problem faced by the users is that the garbage disposal stops working suddenly. And sometimes you may face a situation that your garbage disposal hums but does not grind. If you don’t know how to tackle it, there is no need to worry about it. We are here to help you.


Reasons Behind Garbage Disposal Not Working Or Making Humming Sound:

Common reasons behind your garbage disposal not working or making humming sound

1. Any Foreign Object Stuck In The Garbage Disposal:

When your garbage disposal buzzing but not working, the first thing you need to do is check if there is any foreign object stuck in your garbage disposal. Because, in most of such cases, the problem results from stuck foreign objects in your garbage disposal.

How To Overcome?

So, firstly you should check for the stuck foreign object. You can take help from a torch in doing so. Once you have found the stuck object, you can easily remove it in the following steps.

First, disconnect the electric supply by unplugging your garbage disposer unit. Then remove the stuck object manually.  However, if the object is stuck hard, then you can use an Allen wrench or any similar tool to pick off that object. After removing the foreign object, rinse it with water and turn it on by plugging it in.

2. Clog Formation:

After the foreign objects, the second major cause of buzzing garbage disposal is clogged formation. Because the clogs resist and cause friction in the rotation of the blades of garbage disposal. As a result, the garbage disposal stops working and when you turn it on, it starts buzzing and does not grind the waste.

So, when your garbage disposal starts humming but does not grind the waste, first check for foreign objects, if not found then you should check if there is any clog. And most probably, you will find clogs in such cases.

3. Overheating:

In case of the absence of both the above-mentioned causes, another possible situation when your garbage disposal is buzzing and not working can be when it gets overheated. The major reason behind overheating of your garbage disposal is the heavy workload on a motor of low power.

Similarly, if you are using this garbage disposal continuously for hours, it may get overheated. As a result, it will stop working. So, it is necessary for you to keep in mind this factor while buying a garbage disposal.

You must buy a garbage disposal that is compatible with your required workload. For example, if you have a large family or you need your garbage disposal to work for consecutive hours, then you must prefer the garbage disposal with a high-power motor.

Garbage Disposal Buzzing But Not Working?

How To Unclog Your Garbage Disposal?

In case, you find the clog formation, you can unclog your garbage disposal simply.

1 – First, unplug the disposer unit so that there is no chance of your getting an electric shock or hand laceration. Then, rinse your garbage disposal with water.

2 – In the next step, pour some quantity of garbage disposal cleaner. It is better not to use a chemical cleaner, as chemical cleaners may harm your disposer unit and drainage pipes. Instead of using a chemical cleaner, you can prepare your own natural cleaner by mixing vinegar with baking soda.

3 – After pouring natural cleaner, leave your garbage disposal as it is, so that the cleaner may accomplish its task. After a few minutes, pour an adequate amount of water into your garbage disposal and turn it on. It will remove almost all the clogs. You can repeat this process again and again until the removal of the clogs.

4 – However, if still there are any clogs left, you can take help from a plunger. Put the plunger at the opening of the sink drain. Run some water and plunge it again and again until the tough clogs are removed.

Your Garbage Disposal Needs To Be Reset:

Another cause of your garbage disposal’s not working can be that it needs to be reset. It usually happens after any short circuit or overheating of the garbage disposer unit. So, if any of the above-given causes is not observed, then you need to check for the reset.

How To Reset Your Garbage Disposal?

The process of resetting the garbage disposal is very simple and easy. What you need to do is simply follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, cut off the electricity connection as a safety measure. For this purpose, plug off your garbage disposal.
  • Secondly, find out the reset button and press it. The red-colored reset button can be found at the bottom surface of your garbage disposal.
  • After pressing the reset button of your garbage disposal, leave it for a few minutes. After that, rinse your garbage disposal with a large amount of water and then turn it on again.

However, you may also check out the circuit breaker if it has tripped off.


If your garbage disposal hums but spins freely or it is making a sound but not grinding waste, there is no need to worry about it. You may check for the possibilities mentioned in this article.

If you find any of these problems, you can solve them in simple ways as described above. In this way, you can overcome the situations in which your garbage disposal not draining but makes a sound like it is working.

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