What Does The Inside Of A Garbage Disposal Look Like?

What Does The Inside Of A Garbage Disposal Look Like?

Garbage disposal, a cylindrical device attached to the underside of your kitchen sink is mainly hollow from inside. The inner side of garbage disposal consists of a few major parts namely the impeller, shredder, blades, and motor. All these parts are packed in a symmetrical manner making a grinding chamber.

Being a garbage disposal user, though it is not necessary you should be aware of what is inside the garbage disposal. Having knowledge about garbage disposal parts not only makes the usage of waste disposer units easy for you but also enables you to tackle the minor faults and problems related to their working.

Furthermore, the information about the inner parts of garbage disposal also helps you greatly in finding out the best garbage disposal for your kitchen. Because, after having an understanding about the working of a food waste disposer you can be able to know what features you need to have in it for it’s better working as per your needs.


Internal Structure Of A Garbage Disposal:

If you open up the garbage disposal and look into it, you will find some important parts as given below.

Internal Structure Of A Garbage Disposal:

Cylindrical Chamber:

The first and the most prominent as well as an important part of the garbage disposal is this cylindrical chamber. Apparently, it is a single chamber, but from inside it is divided into two parts- upper and lower chambers respectively.

The function of the upper part is just to collect and store the food waste entering the garbage disposal temporarily. After that, the food waste is sent to the lower chamber. This lower chamber is termed a grinding chamber and the main function of grinding of the food waste is accomplished here.

The grinding chamber consists of major and vital parts of garbage disposal including the shredder, impeller plates, motor, and blades. The food waste after passing through these two chambers is finally sent to the drainage pipes.

It is notable that the walls of the lower chamber have insulated lining that adds durability to the garbage disposal.

Shredder Ring:

Before discussing the functioning of grinding parts like impellers and motor blades, it is necessary to understand the functioning of the shredder rings as well as a flywheel.

The shredder ring has small holes on it through which food particles are supposed to pass. It is located right in the middle of a garbage disposal or in other words in between the two chambers- upper and lower.

Flywheel is installed just under the shredder ring. The basic function flywheel performs is to hold the food until or unless it is broken down into smaller pieces that can easily pass through the holes of the shredder ring.

The mechanism for grinding larger food particles into smaller pieces is very simple. The grooves on the shredder ring are sharp enough to break down the food particles.

The function of flywheel or turntable is to prevent the entry of uncrushed food into the lower chamber.

Internal Structure Of A Garbage Disposal

Impeller Plate:

Impeller plates can be perceived as the blades of the grinding chamber. Impellers have a direct connection to the motor of garbage disposal via flywheel. The basic function of impellers is to further grind the food particles and crush them.

After being crushed through impellers and shredders, the food waste is into its final stage and is ready to be sent to the drainage pipes. It is noteworthy that it is not just impellers that crush the food waste but the grooves of shredder also play an equal role in this task.

The mechanism is quite simple. The impellers are directly attached to the flywheel as told earlier in the article. When the motor is turned on, the movement of the flywheel also rotates the shredder ring. In rotatory motion, and the grooves on the shredder ring do their part in the crushing of food waste.

Waste Line Connector:

The waste line connector works as a link between the garbage disposal and the drainage system. The food waste after being crushed by all shredding parts like shredder rings, impellers, and flywheels, is allowed to pass from the lower chamber most commonly known as the grinding chamber.

Thus, it is allowed to leave the garbage disposal and enter the drainage pipes from where it is sent to the sewer.

Dishwasher Connection:

The majority of the garbage disposals allow dishwasher connection. And the point of connection between the garbage disposal and dishwasher is the inlet valve or pipe designed on the body of the garbage disposal.

Dishwasher Connection

If we talk about the location of the dishwasher connection valve or pipe, it is located at the top end of garbage disposal. And this valve opens directly into the lower or grinding chamber of garbage disposal.

It must be kept in mind while utilizing a dishwasher connection that the cork or knockout needs to be removed first from the valve.

Reset Button:

If you examine the lower side of the garbage disposal, you will see a small red-colored reset button. The primary purpose of this button is to restart the food disposer in case it automatically trips down after a short circuit or any other issue.

However, it can also be utilized after the jam or clog removal to turn the garbage disposal on again.


As told in the beginning, knowing about the internal structure and functioning of food waste disposers is greatly helpful for a garbage disposal user. If you are unaware of what is inside garbage disposal, then this article will provide you complete information about garbage disposal machines or units.

You will find information regarding everything from internal structures to the garbage disposal reset button in this article. Therefore, if you are curious about finding what does the inside of garbage disposal looks like, what you need to do is simply give a read to this article.

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