Is There A Reset Button On A Garbage Disposal? – [Details]

Is there a Reset Button on a Garbage Disposal?

Sometimes people have ambiguity and want to know whether there is any reset button on garbage disposal or not. The answer to this question is that yes, there is a red-colored reset button present on the garbage disposal.

Is there a Reset Button on a Garbage Disposal

It is necessary to know about the reset button because in some cases, garbage disposal humming indicates that it is on, but it is not actually working. In this case, if you don’t know how to fix the garbage disposal, you may go for the resetting of your garbage disposal. in this article, we will discuss in detail the garbage disposal reset button


When Do You Need To Reset Your Garbage Disposal?

There are several cases when you need to reset your garbage disposal. Some of these conditions are given below. The most common condition when you need to reset your garbage disposal is when it gets overheated.

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As we know that the function of garbage disposal is to crush the tough particles in the waste material. When there is more concentration of harder food particles, it has to work harder and as a result, it may get overheated. When it gets heated, it trips automatically. Then, what you need to do is resetting of your garbage disposal.

Similarly, when the garbage disposal gets blocked due to heavy clogging, then after the unclogging or clog removal, you need to reset it.

As garbage disposal has to work in the flooded environment, there are many chances of it getting short circuit. In this case, also, it trips and resetting of the garbage disposal is required to continue its normal functioning.

How To Reset Your Garbage Disposal?How to reset your garbage disposal?

First of all, turn off your garbage disposal and wait for a few minutes, so that it may get cool. Then push the red colored reset button gently. If the pressing of the red button does not work, you need to wait for a few minutes. After that, turn on the garbage disposal, and it will start working.

In case, after resetting of your garbage disposal, it does not start working on pushing it on, you need to check if there is any jam or other problem with the blades or impeller plate. For this purpose, insert the wrench or any other similar tool into the hole near the reset button and try to rotate or move the blades to overcome the jamming problem.

If the garbage disposal is still not working, it would be better to check if there is any problem with the main circuit breaker of the electric supply.

Problems Associated With The Reset Button:

While resetting your garbage disposal, you may face some problems associated with the reset button. These problems include the following ones. While using the reset button you may face garbage disposal reset button stuck. When it happens, you can check for the jam related problem as mentioned earlier.

Similarly, you can also face the problem while resetting the garbage disposal when the garbage disposal reset button pushed too far. This happens when the nut below the reset button gets detached or removed. You can overcome this problem by putting the nut back in its place. If it is not possible, you may go for the replacement of the reset button.


In the light of all the discussion given above, it has become clear that there is a red-colored reset button on the garbage disposal and you can use it when you are looking for how to fix garbage disposal sudden shutdown. You should also be aware of how to reset garbage disposal with Allen wrench, it will be helpful in case when the reset button gets stuck or there is a jam related problem.

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