What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need? – [Factors & Info]

What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

The size of the garbage disposal you need for your home depends on various factors including the power and motor size needed, the number of family members in your apartment as well as working load in the kitchen. All these factors take part collectively in determining the garbage disposal size you are in need of.

Those who are getting garbage disposal for the first time may have questions like are all garbage disposals the same size. The answer is that not all garbage disposals have the same size. Instead, you may select the product having a size compatible with the space available under your kitchen sink.

Here, the question may arise that how can one decide what size garbage disposal he needs. There is nothing to worry about this, as analysis of the Garbage disposal dimensions and some other factors enables you to resolve the size selection problem.


Factors That Consider While Choosing The Size Of Garbage Disposal:

Motor Size And Power:

When it comes to the selection of garbage disposal size, the thing that influences it the most is the size and power of the motor. The higher the power of the motor, the bigger will be its size. However, it is not so in all cases, some of the brands have introduced their products with high power and considerably small size.

On The Basis Of The Size And Power Of The Motor, Garbage Disposals Are Classified As Follows:

What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need

1/3 HP Motor:

Garbage disposals with 1/3 HP motor power are among the less commonly used products due to their low power and reduced efficiency. The reason behind their reduced performance is the low power of motor installed in them.

If we talk about durability, these products are not as durable as one expects them to be. However, their sizes are remarkably small. These disposer units can not be used as a permanent source of waste disposal, instead, they are used in places where there is very limited need for them.

When we compare their prices with other products, they prove to be a budget-friendly choice. The price of garbage disposal with 1/3 HP motor is between fifty and one hundred dollars.

½ HP Motor:

The waste disposer units with ½ horsepower motors are thought to be of a medium power range. They can be used in apartments with few people in them and those having a low burden of work in the kitchen.

1/2 HP garbage disposal units have reasonably small size along with remarkable efficiency and performance. So, whenever you are looking for a high-performance waste disposer unit with a small and compact design, then there can be no other products better than ½ HP garbage disposal.

¾ HP Motor:

The waste disposer products having ¾ HP motors installed in them are chosen as a preferred option especially when there is a need for powerful garbage disposal for the disposal of a large amount of food waste continuously. These disposer units provide fast and efficient grinding of food waste.

As far as the size is concerned, they have a slightly bigger size than the two mentioned above. Therefore, before buying these types of garbage disposals make sure that you have enough space for their installation under your kitchen sink.

1 HP Motor:

The garbage disposals with a 1HP motor are thought to be among the most powerful waste disposer units. The powerful motor of 1 horsepower grinds the toughest of the food waste within no time.

These products are specially designed for places where there is a high burden of kitchen work and continuous grinding of large amounts of food waste is needed.

They are of relatively high cost but their efficiency is higher than all other disposer units. In addition to it, they work quietly as they are equipped with sound-reducing technology.

Their size is however bigger than all other related products. Therefore, think twice before buying 1HP garbage disposals specifically if you have limited space under the kitchen sink.

Size Of Family For Garbage Disposal:

Size Of Family For Garbage Disposal

Family size is also worth considering factor while deciding the size of garbage disposal for your home or apartment. The higher the number of family members, the higher motor power will be needed to handle the burden.

Recommended Motor Power For Garbage Disposals In Accordance With The Family Sizes:

  • For an apartment where one or two people are residing, garbage disposal of 1/3 HP will be a suitable option.
  • If the family members are two, then ½ HP garbage disposal will work the best.
  • A ¾ HP garbage disposal can deal with the kitchen working load of five people.
  • If the number of residents is up to eight, then no garbage disposal less than 1HP will be working.
  • In case the number of people exceeds eight, then a 2HP disposer unit will be an appropriate option.

Grind Chamber Capacity:

It is necessary for you to check out the grind chamber capacity of garbage disposal. Because the disposer units with low grind chamber capacity can not sustain high workloads and may result in overflowing of food waste.

Normally the grind chamber capacity ranges between 26 and 40 ounces.


Whether you are an experienced user of garbage disposals or you are totally new to this, you need to be aware of different aspects while getting new garbage disposal for your kitchen sink.

The size of garbage disposal matters a lot while buying a Best Garbage Disposal. What you have to do is check out and prefer buying compact garbage disposal so that you may not face any problem while installing it.

In the light of the information given above, you can easily decide what aspects to consider when deciding the size of garbage disposal. In this way, you can choose the best garbage disposal for your kitchen.

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