American Standard ASD-1250 Garbage Disposal – [Review 2024]

American Standard ASD-1250 Garbage Disposal Review in 2021

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to get rid of waste material and the unpleasant odor coming out of the kitchen sink. The most effective way to overcome these issues is the installation of garbage disposal. American standard Asd-1250 is a trustworthy product in this regard.  American standard asd-1250 review can help you to have a closer look at the compatibility of this product with your kitchen sink as well as its key features.

Installation of this product under your kitchen sink will be helpful in the reduction and proper disposal of waste on one hand, and it will make the environment of your kitchen odor-free and full of comfort on the other hand.


Introduction Of American Standard Brand:

Before discussing this product in detail, it is necessary for us to have a brief introduction of the brand under which this product is available. When it comes to the selection of the Best Garbage Disposal products, American Standard is among the top-notch brands.

The company was established in 2007, having its headquarters in New Jersey. The specialty of this company is the modifications and changes it makes in the products in accordance with the feedback from customers.

The products provided by this company are high quality and worth buying. Especially these products are well known for the high torque motor installed in them. And when we talk about the products of American standard, American standard asd-1250 is the most famous one.

Why Choose American Standard Asd-1250?

The reason behind our recommending this product is the exceptional performance and durability of this product. The high torque motor gives you an outstanding performance. In addition to it, metallic body and long-lasting components of grinding chamber extend the life of this garbage disposal notably.

The special and unique feature of this product is a magnetic flange that helps you to avoid putting foreign metallic objects into it. All in all, by installing this garbage disposal, you will get your waste disposal done effectively.

American Standard ASD-1250 Torque Master Kitchen, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer, 1.25 HP:

American Standard ASD-1250 Torque Master Kitchen, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer, 1.25 HPProducer: American standard
Motor power: 1.25 horsepower
Product dimensions: 15.5×8.7×8.7 inches
Product weight:16.76 pounds
Material: Metal

Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet working

Features of ASD-1250:

They are some special features that make the American standard Asd-1250 unique and different from the garbage disposals of other brands.

Easy To Install:

3-bolt mounting system makes the installation of American standard Asd-1250 comparatively simpler and easier. There is nothing tricky or time taking, you can simply install it by unscrewing the older garbage disposal and screwing the new one.

In contrast with the older versions and models of garbage disposals which used to take hours for installation, you can install this product within a time less than one hour.

Motor Power And Speed:

The most considerable feature of the garbage disposals of American brands is the exceptionally high power and speed of the motor installed in them. The motor installed in this product has a power of 1.25 horsepower which is unmatchable.

There is no other competitor having such a powerful motor. This much power of the motor makes the process of grinding of the waste material effective to a remarkable extent. It enables the garbage disposal to crush the toughest waste with ease. Thus, the high-power motor enhances the efficiency of garbage disposal.

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Moreover, the speed of the motor is up to 2800 RPM, which is also a plus point for this product. The high speed of the motor makes this garbage disposal resistant to clogs and blockages. At the same time, it eliminates the chances of coming back of liquid waste from the sink drain.

Nature Of Grinding Chamber:

The grinding chamber is the main and the most important part of garbage disposal because the process of grinding takes place here. All the components of the grinding chamber of this garbage disposal are made up of stainless steel.

It makes the whole grinding chamber resistant to corrosion and rusting, resulting in the enhanced durability of the American standard garbage disposal parts. And it is the reason behind the long-lasting nature of this product.

Thus, we can say that it does not require any strict maintenance. Laser-sharp cutting ring adds more efficiency and accuracy to the working of this garbage disposal.

Noise Insulation:

Generally, the garbage disposals with high power motors tend to make more noise as compared others. But, when it comes to the American brand Asd-1250, despite a high torque motor, its working is notably quiet.

The smart engineering of this garbage disposal has a major role in noise reduction. The presence of balanced turntable and grinding components reduces the vibration of this garbage disposal while working. Thus, it keeps the indoor environment of your house or flat noise-free and comfortable.

Feed Type:

This garbage disposal has a continuous feed mechanism of waste disposal. Instead of waiting and turning the garbage disposal on as in the case of batch feed garbage disposals, you can directly put waste into it at any time because it keeps working until plugged off. Thus, there is no fear of overflowing or blockage of garbage disposal.

Long Warranty:

While choosing any product, the customers obviously prefer the products with a long warranty. As far as the American brand Asd-1250 is concerned, it comes with a long warranty lasting up to 10 years of usage.

Not only this, but the brand also offers repairing and replacement services within the warranty time. You may avail of these services free of cost, whenever you need them.

No Need To Install New Hardware:

Fortunately, this product is compatible with the previously installed hardware. So, there is no need to install a new one. In this way, the cost and time required for installation of this product both are reduced to an extent.

In addition to the features given above, there are some other features as well that make the American brand and-1250 a unique product.

Installed Power Cord:

This product comes with a pre-installed power cord. In this way, the process of installation not only becomes super easy, but also saves the cost of installation as there is no need for hiring any plumber or expert to install this garbage disposal.

Instead, you yourself can install it with greater ease, provided that you have the necessary tools required for the installation of this product.


Bio shield is another feature that gives this product preference over others. This technology has a mechanism of secretion of a special agent that helps to prevent the odors caused by bacteria and other microorganisms. It does so by preventing and reducing the growth of these microorganisms.

Removable Splash Guard:

Luckily, this product consists of a removable splash guard. The presence of American standard garbage disposal splash guard makes the process of cleaning of this garbage disposal easier as well as faster at the same time.

Silver Guard:

This one is the most amazing feature of this garbage disposal. The magnetic silver guard is attached at a point of connection between the sink drain and garbage disposal.

The basic function of a silver guard is to prevent the falling of metallic foreign objects into the garbage disposal. It catches the metallic objects and thus saves the garbage disposal from any harm caused by these objects if fell into it.


If we compare the cost of this garbage disposal with that of others, it becomes evident that its price is relatively lower with respect to the facilities it provides.

Other garbage disposals, having such powerful motor and related facilities, are considerably pricy. That’s why it is an affordable and standard choice for your kitchen sink.

So, all the features mentioned above collectively make the American standard Asd-1250 a dependable choice when you are in need of garbage disposal for your kitchen sink. By installing this product, you can add comfort to your kitchen because of its quiet and efficient work.

However, keep in mind that this product is not suitable for installation with every septic system.

Reviews From Customers:

The first thing that customers praised well about American standard asd-1250 was the ease of installation of this product. As mentioned above, the product comes with a 3-bolt mount system which makes the process of its installation amazingly fast and easy. As customers said, the installation of this garbage disposal was completed within a time span of less than one hour.

Secondly, the users admired the efficient grinding carried out by the grinding chamber of this garbage disposal. As per customers’ reviews, even the toughest waste materials were crushed with perfection and greater ease.

Some of the customers also praised the noise-free and quiet working of this product. Despite the powerful motor, the working of this garbage disposal was observed by the users to be amazingly quiet. On the other hand, a few of the users complained about the leakage of this product after using it for a certain time period.

Things To Consider While Choosing American Standard Disposal:

Although American standard asd-1250 is powerful and robust garbage disposal and it is able to crush the toughest waste materials also, You need to be careful about the things you are going to put into it. Avoid putting oil and greasy substances into it because oils and greasy substances can be problematic as they may cause clogs and blockage.

Secondly, before buying, it is necessary for you to check whether this product is compatible with your kitchen fittings or not. Because it may cause problems at the time of installation. Similarly, don’t forget to take the plumber’s putty with you when you are going to install this garbage disposal. Because its installation requires putty.

How Does A Garbage Disposal Work?

The working mechanism of garbage disposal is very simple. The impeller plate and blades of the grinding chamber of garbage disposal collectively crush larger food waste materials into smaller particles.

Thus, a garbage disposal helps in keeping the drainage system working well. In this way, you may overcome the blockage and other problems related to the drainage system.

Why My Garbage Disposal Is Humming?

The main cause of the humming of garbage disposal is clogged formation or blockage. In this case, you need to check whether there is any clog or not.  After unclogging it, what you need to do is simply reset it.

Is There Any Need To Hire Any Plumber For The Installation Of A Garbage Disposal?

No, there is no need to hire any plumber. You can easily install this garbage disposal yourself if you have the tools necessary for its installation.

Is American Standard Asd-1250 A Reliable Product?

Yes, it is a dependable and reliable garbage disposal. it is necessary to mention here that American standard garbage disposal parts are made up of stainless steel. And we know that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion rusting. That’s why this garbage disposal is a reliable product.

What To Do If My Garbage Disposal Is Out Of Order?

If your garbage disposal is out of order, you can get it repaired by asking the company free service if it is under warranty. The companies provide repairing as well as replacement services free of cost.

Are All Garbage Disposals Safe To Use With A Septic System?

No, all garbage disposals are not safe to use with the septic systems. Only septic assist garbage disposals are safe to use with septic systems.

Is American Standard Asd-1250 Loud?

No, this garbage disposal has a noise-reducing technology, that’s why its working is quiet and comfortable.


While choosing a garbage disposal, it is necessary to choose a product that not only fulfills all your requirements and needs but also is budget-friendly. Stainless steel-made American standard garbage disposal parts make this garbage disposal long-lasting, while the high torque motor installed in it boosts its performance to a huge extent.

Keeping in view all the features mentioned in this American standard asd-1250 review, we can say that this garbage disposal is the best option when affordability is your prime concern along with the quality.

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