Waste King Ez Mount Vs 3 Bolt – [Which One Is Better?]

Waste king ez mount vs 3 bolt

Before you are going to get a waste king garbage disposal, it is necessary for you to know Waste King Ez Mount Vs 3 Bolt model differences. Before going into details of differences among the EZ mount and 3-bolt installation, one thing that needs to be cleared is that the difference of mount system does not affect the working of garbage disposal at all.

So, we can say that the working of garbage disposal is not affected by the type of mount system it has. If we talk about the products of the waste king, it makes both types of products. Some of its products have a 3-bolt mount system, while others have an EZ mount system.

For example, waste king 1001 installation follows the EZ mount system. But, if we talk about the waste king 9980, it has a 3-bolt mount system for its installation. Before we discuss these two products of the waste king, we must know what are the differences between the EZ mount and the 3-bolt mount system?


Differences Between Waste King EZ Mount Vs 3 Bolt System

Waste King EZ mount vs 3Although both mount systems differ slightly from each other and there are no hard and fast rules or criteria differentiating them, but there are a few things that draw a difference between them. The aspects upon which we can differentiate EZ mount from 3-bolt mount system are given below.

What Is EZ Mount?Ez mount

 Basically, the material from which the EZ mount is made, makes it different from the 3 bolt mount system. It is made up of high-quality plastic. And it is comparatively easier to install, so its installation does not require so much time. You can install it within 10 to 15 minutes.

Moreover, it is preferable over a 3-bolt mount system because it comes with a removable splash guard. when the splash guard gets dirty, you can easily remove and clean it.

However, there is a drawback of using this mounting system in that it can’t resist or reduce the vibrations produced by the working of your garbage disposal. This is because it has no bolts that can be tightened.

What Is 3 Bolt Mount?3 bolt mount

The 3-bolt mount system is more durable and long-lasting as compared to the EZ mount because it is made up of stainless steel. And stainless steel is considerably resistant to corrosion.

The presence of the bolts gives a firm installation for your garbage disposal. You can tighten the bolts manually to overcome the problem of vibrations. Reduced vibration will obviously reduce the sound produced by the working of your garbage disposal.

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However, Installation of a 3-bolt mount system takes comparatively more time. The splash guard is fixed, and you need to dismount it for the purpose of cleaning. It can be a drawback of using this mounting system.

Type Of Material:

The thing that differs between these two installation types is that both are made up of different kinds of materials. The components of the 3 bolt mount system are made up of stainless steel. As we know that stainless steel is comparatively more resistant to problems like rusting and corrosion.

It makes the 3-bolt mount system preferable over the EZ mount system. On the other hand, the EZ mount system has an Aluminum-based composition. Although Aluminium helps in reducing the weight of the product, it does not last longer like stainless steel.

 Ease Of Cleaning Process:

Another thing that makes a difference between these two types of mount systems is the ease of the cleaning process of garbage disposal.

Built-in hush cushioning of a 3-bolt mounting system is usually not preferred because of its non-detachable nature. As it is not detachable, it is not so much easy to clean.

While removable splash guard of the EZ mount system is easy to clean when compared with the non-detachable cushioning of the 3-bolt mount system.

Ease Of Installation:

It is a common perception that the EZ mount system is slightly easy to install as compared with the 3-bolt mount system. The reason behind which is the difference between the steps you need to do while installing these both types of mount system.

However, the ease of installation is not a big difference between both these mount systems. Both these mount systems can be easily installed.

Sound Reducing Capability:

When it comes to the sound-reduction mechanism, the 3-bolt mount system reduces the sound to a comparatively higher extent. This feature of the 3-bolt mount system gives it preference over the EZ mount system.

Installation Of EZ Mount Garbage Disposal:

If you have got garbage disposal with EZ mount, you can easily install it through step by step mechanism as given below.

1 – The first step is to remove the liner and mount it by putting the sticky side of the foam on the rubber stamp.

2 – In the second step, you need to cut the excess rubber and foam with the help of scissors. Thus, remove all the excess foam along with rubber around the mount design.

3 – The third step is to remove the paper liner thus uncovering the static liner.

4 – After completing these three steps, now the stamp is ready for stamping. And you can easily mount it over the acrylic block. And the stamps can be used several times without having any problem.

In this way, the mounting is done, and you can easily install your EZ mount garbage disposal.

Installation Of Garbage Disposal Having 3 Bolt Mount System:

If you have got garbage disposal with a 3 bolt mount system, then you need to follow the step-by-step procedure given below in order to complete the process of installation with perfection and ease.

1 – In the first step, you should loosen the bolts to such an extent that the sliding of the mounting ring over the flange can be made possible. It will be helpful for you in attaching the snap ring.

2 – A Snap ring is a ring fitted from the bottom of the flange and it helps in keeping the mount at its place.

3 – In the second step, keeping the snap ring in its place, try to adjust the ring such that it covers the flange. You can also use a screwdriver for this purpose if needed.

4 – Then, tighten the bolts of the mounting system gradually. Keep in mind while tightening the bolts that the ring must not slide from its place.

5 – The next step is to deal with the gasket, so fix the rubber gasket at its place. And then you need to discharge the elbow. You can also take help from the plate and screws for this purpose.

6 – After doing the steps given above, you need to focus on the 3 tabs projecting out from the space between the bolts. You need to engage these tabs with the grooves. Both the grooves and tabs collectively play their role in the installation and fixing of the munt system.

7 – After engaging the grooves and tabs, what you need to do is to lock your garbage disposer unit by turning it. After turning your garbage disposer unit, make sure that the bolts have been fully tightened and the disposer unit has been firmly locked.

For this purpose, it is better to take help from a wrench or screwdriver.

The steps mentioned above give you a detailed and better understanding of the process of installation of a garbage disposer unit with a 3-bolt mount system. you can easily install the garbage disposal with a 3-bolt mount system by following these simple steps.

EZ Mount Vs 3-bolt Mount System – Which One Is Better?

As mentioned earlier in this article, that there is not so much difference between these two types of mount systems. However, if someone asks which one of the two mount systems is better. Then we can say that each of these mount systems, has its own benefits. You can select the one which matches your requirements.

But, if we deeply examine the structural differences between these two, then we can say that the 3-bolt mount system is slightly better than the EZ mount. The reason behind this is the material from which the 3-bolt mount is made of. Stainless steel makes it preferable over EZ mount to some extent.

Other Things You Need To Know:

Here are a few things you must be aware of while installing our garbage disposal. One thing which is necessary to mention here is that some garbage disposal are lightweight while others are heavy. And when you are going to install a heavy garbage disposal, it is necessary to take help from a jack or any other supporting material so that you may not face any difficulty while installing it.

Similarly, you must keep in mind the mounting system of the garbage disposal you are going to replace. You must check whether it is compatible with the new garbage disposal or not.

For example, if you are going to replace a garbage disposal that contained an EZ mount. While new garbage disposal is not compatible with the EZ mount system and it requires a 3-bolt mount system for its installation. In this case, you have to remove the pre-existing installation kit (EZ mount) and you will have to buy and install a new 3-bolt mount kit.

Similarly, in some cases the new garbage disposal requires EZ mount for its installation while the garbage disposal you are going to remove had a 3-bolt mount system. In such cases, you will have to buy an EZ mount separately for the installation of your new garbage disposal.


When it comes to the installation of a waste king garbage disposal, the nature of the mounting system is also worth considering factor. As mentioned above, there are two types of mount systems waste king EZ mount vs 3-bolt. This article clearly explains the differences between the two mount systems.

It is up to you, which one of these two you go for. While choosing garbage disposal for your kitchen sink, you must consider its compatibility with the mounting system. If you are looking for a waste king 3-bolt mount garbage disposal, you can opt for waste king 9910.

But if you need a waste king product with an EZ mount, the majority of the products of this brand have this mounting system. For example, you may go for waste king 1001.

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