Can You Put Drano In A Garbage Disposal? – [Complete Details]

Can You Put Drano in a Garbage Disposal?

It is a frequently asked question that can we put Drano in a garbage disposal or not? The answer to the question is that yes, you can use the Drano but only in cases of severe clogs and when you are looking for ways how to unclog a garbage disposal. You can use Drano and related products for the purpose of removal of clogs in the garbage disposal or in the drainage pipes.

It is necessary to mention here that the usage of Drano in clog removal may be valid in some cases and not in others. It depends upon several other factors also. Furthermore, using it may have some side effects also in some cases. Here we will discuss in detail what is Drano and what is the purpose behind using similar products.


What Is The Purpose Of Using Drano?

Can You Put Drano in a Garbage Disposal?

Before using this product, it is necessary to know that what is Drano used for? Normally, the garbage disposal is working efficiently to make the flow and drainage of waste smooth and without any distortion. But, in the case when some fats and such other materials clog to the walls of drainage pipes, they cause hindrance in the drainage of waste products and the system gets disturbed. In some of the cases, the garbage disposals even get blocked due to it.

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There are several types of drain cleaners available in the market to avoid the problem of blockage. Drano is also among one of them. There are various products of Drano you can use depending upon the nature of clog or blockage. All these products are considered to be suitable for the solution of clogs except the Drano Kitchen Crystals.

How Does Drano Work?How does Drano work?

Drano works especially to remove or unclog the thick clogs that cling to the walls of a garbage disposal or drainage pipe. The working of Drano in clog removal is unique and more effective as compared to that of other chemicals used for this purpose. The reason behind this is the composition of this chemical. It consists of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda.

Sodium hydroxide when comes in contact with water, reacts with water. As a result of this reaction, heat is emitted as a by-product.

This heat emission increases the temperature and melts down the clogs. After melting, these clogs can be easily drained out. Similarly, Drano contains some chemical which are dissolvers of the clog material. These materials and especially the soap get dissolved by the chemicals and then drained out by the hot water.

So, we can say that the Drano products are consisting of powerful chemicals and they are strong enough to clear the clogs quickly. When it comes to the usage of Drano clog remover, what you need to do is just put the Drano in the garbage disposal and then leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. After that drain it with a sufficient quantity of water.

Looking at the effectiveness of its working, Drano can be termed as the best drain cleaner for garbage disposal.

Some Of The Drawbacks Of Using Drano In Garbage Disposal:

As we know that Drano clog remover produces heat and fumes while working. The toxic fumes produced by the strong chemicals on Drano can cause severe skin irritation and long-lasting problems. Similarly, these fumes are equally harmful to the eyes and may even cause blindness.


If you are looking for ways how to unclog a double kitchen sink with the garbage disposal, you can go for the Drano. But keep in mind there are some side effects or drawbacks also. That’s why you need to avoid it until or unless it is necessary to use.

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