Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal Review – [Complete Info]

Waste King L-1001 Review

Are you worried about the large size of the garbage disposal? We make a review on waste king L-1001 garbage disposal and describe its features that make this garbage disposal a reliable and trustworthy choice. Choosing a garbage disposal compatible with the needs and requirements of your kitchen can help you greatly in keeping your kitchen clean.

People always prefer and try to choose garbage disposals having small sizes in order to avoid problems regarding the availability of space for the installation of these products.

Looking at different aspects and features of garbage disposals, you will find a waste king to be a reliable brand. Among all the products of the waste king, the garbage disposal you will find the most suitable for installation in small places is waste king garbage disposal 1001.


Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP:

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/2 HP

Producer: Waste king
Product dimensions: 5.25×5.25×12.75 inches
Product weight: 7.5 pounds
Material: Rubber

Prominent Features:

  • Powerful working
  • Compact design
  • Effective grinding

Features Of Waste King L-1001:

The principal features that make this garbage disposal worth buying are mentioned below.

1. Simpler And Easier Installation Procedure:

The brand has made the process of waste king l-1001 installation super easy and simple. The main reason behind this is the presence of the EZ mount system. The process of installation is very simple as compared to that of other products.

You can determine the extent of the simplicity of installation of this product from the fact that you yourself can install and there is no need to consult any plumber or expert. The simplicity and ease of installation not only save your budget but also reduces the time required for installation to a remarkable extent.

2. Lightweight And Small Size:

The most admirable feature of this garbage disposal is its compact design and small size. The small size of this garbage disposal solves the issues related to the availability of space under the sink. Once you have bought this product, you need to worry about the availability of space.

Rather, you can easily install this product even in smaller places without any worries. Similarly, this product is lightweight which may add ease to the process of installation of this product.

3. Power Of Motor:

The motor installed in this product is amazingly fast and powerful. The power of the motor that is ½ horsepower provides efficient grinding of waste material and boosts the proficiency of this garbage disposal. Similarly, the powerful motor makes the garbage disposal capable of crushing the tough waste material also.

4. Advanced Technology:

The motor is a permanent magnet. In contrast with induction motors, permanent magnet motors are advanced, up to date, and equipped with modern technology.

The working speed of the motor is up to 2600 RPM, this much high speed makes the garbage disposal more efficient and fast working. At the same time, the high speed of motor helps garbage disposal to overcome the problems like jam and clog formation.

5. Continuous Feed:

The continuous feed mechanism makes this garbage disposal more suitable for use at places where the workload is heavy. It keeps working until or unless the electrical supply is cut off by unplugging it.

6. Grinding Chamber:

All the components of the grinding chamber are made up of corrosion-resistant material thus helping the garbage disposal overcome the problem of corrosion. Obviously, this helps the garbage disposal last longer.

The grind chamber capacity of this garbage disposal is 27.03 oz which also assists in enhancing the effectiveness of the grinding of waste material.

7. Noise:

The insulation of this product against sound provides you with a comfortable and noise-free environment in your kitchen. The reduced noise level certainly adds comfort to your indoor environment.

8. Warranty:

This garbage disposal comes with a 2 -year warranty. Almost all products belonging to the waste king have a warranty longer than that of other products of the same nature provided by other brands. Therefore, you need not worry in this regard.

9. Pre-Installed Power Cord:

This garbage disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord. That’s an amazing feature and allows you to install the product yourself instead of hiring an expert or plumber. Thus, it reduces the cost of garbage disposal installation.

10. Removable Splash Guard:

Another feature that makes the cleaning process of this garbage disposal faster and easier is the presence of a waste king 1001 splash guard.

11. Dishwasher Connection:

As the dishwasher hookup is attached, it makes the dishwasher connection possible. This feature also gives this product priority over other similar products.

  • Efficient grinding of waste
  • Powerful and high-speed motor
  • Power cord attached
  • Availability of dishwasher connection
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Affordable price
  • It is necessary for you to use the sink trim provided by the brand in order to keep the product working well

Response From The Users About Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal:

Roughly speaking, all the customers showed satisfaction towards the working and efficiency of this garbage disposal. The most appreciated feature of this product is that it carries unique features and effective working despite its small size.

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Another thing that attracted the attention of customers is the affordable price of this garbage disposal. This product is far less costly than other products having the same features.

Can I Install Waste King L-1001 Myself?

Yes, you can install this garbage disposal yourself instead of contacting any electrical expert or plumber. This is just because of the EZ mount system.

Is Waste King L-1001 Suitable For Heavy Workloads?

Yes, obviously the powerful and high-speed motor allows this garbage disposal to work in an environment where there is a heavy workload, or it is supposed to work continuously for hours.

Does This Product Come With Power Cord?

Yes, the product comes with a pre-installed power cord and you need not hire any professional for the purpose of its installation.

Is This Garbage Product Continuous-Feed Or Batch Feed?

Obviously, this garbage disposal is continuously feEd and provides the best performance due to this feature. In contrast with the batch feed garbage disposals, this product allows the putting of waste into it without waiting for it to start working. Because this garbage disposal starts working when plugged in and keeps working until plugged off.

Can This Product Be Connected With Dishwasher?

Yes, this product contains a dishwasher hookup that allows its connection with the dishwasher. What you need to do is remove the plugs from the dishwasher connection point and connect it to the dishwasher.

Does The Product Contain Allen Wrench?

The answer is no. This product comes without the Allen wrench. However, if you need this wrench, you can buy it separately.

Is This Product Budget-friendly?

Yes, of course, this garbage disposal is budget-friendly and available at a very reasonable cost. However, it is notable that this garbage disposal provides facilities equivalent to those of costly products.


If you have a very small space left under your kitchen sink and you are in search of small-sized but efficient garbage disposal, the waste king garbage disposal l-1001 will be the best option for you.

Similarly, if you need the best quality garbage disposal at an affordable price, then also this garbage disposal will be what you are looking for. In the light of this waste king l-1001 review, we can say that waste king 1001 is the best choice among the products of the waste king.

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