What Is An Air Switch For Garbage Disposal? – [Pros & Cons]

An air switch is a switch used to turn on and turn off the garbage disposal. It is more suitable than the traditional electrical switch because it uses air pressure instead of electricity. As you know, while using the garbage disposal our hands get wet.  The electrical switch can produce a high potential electrical shock.

It can cause severe damage to the user. The air switch is better because it reduces the potential of an electric shock. It does not provide a hundred percent safety but is far safer as compared to an electrical switch.


Working Of Air Switch For Garbage Disposal:

Working Of Air Switch For Garbage Disposal

When you press the button, it will generate an impulse of air, which will travel through a PVC tube and reaches the control box you’ve installed under the sink. As a result, the air switch is turned on with the help of air and without electric power.

Pros Of Using Air Switch:

Easy To Install:

The air switch is easy to mount as compared to the electrical switch. It is because the electrical switch needs an electric switchboard where it is to be mounted. Also, the board has its specific location in the kitchen. So, the electrical switch is not easily accessible.

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On the other hand, the shot of air can be placed above the sink. It is easily accessible and can be mounted easily. You don’t have to call any professional or plumber because the mounting of an air switch does not require any additional wiring. So, you can do it yourself too.

Variety Of Designs:

The air switch comes with a great variety of designs. They are available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. Some companies give you an option to customize it yourself. So, it will not affect the décor and will blend perfectly with the design of your kitchen.

Extra Safety:

The air switch gives extra security to the user against the electrical shock. As there is no electricity involved outside the disposal, so the risk of electrical shock reduces to a great extent. Make sure that the power supply that is supplying power to the disposal is placed underground to reduce the risk of damage to a greater extent. Also, it reduces the danger of any kind of error.

Let me explain the meaning of error with an example. Consider your hand is in the disposal and someone accidentally turns the switch on. What will happen? I don’t have to tell that I guess. As the electrical switchboard has more than one switch. So, it can create great confusion and can result in a severe injury. While the air switch is only one so, it can not cause any such error.

Does Not Affect The Functioning Of Garbage Disposal:

An air switch does not affect the functioning of the garbage disposal in any way. The garbage disposal with an air switch works the same as it works with the electrical switch. If you replace the electrical switch with the air switch, it will still crush the food in the same way.

Pros & cons of Air switch

It will still help you clean your kitchen. The garbage disposal is meant for eliminating the scraps and crushing the waste food material. So, it does not matter whether the installed switch is electrical or air.

Cons Of Using Air Switch:


The air switch is kind of expensive as compared to the traditional electrical switch. Its installation requires more money if you don’t have any circuit board near the sink.

Because the electrician will take extra money in setting up a switchboard. If the circuit board is near, it will not cost you much. You can even install it yourself too as it does not require any wiring or special tools.

Clogs & Jams:

The air switch garbage disposal may face more clogs than the traditional design. The reason is that the air switch does not provide the same power to the disposal as the electrical switch. It provides less wattage which can affect the rate of revolving of impellers. As a result, more clogs and jams will be formed more often.

Might Shorten The Life Of Your Disposal:

As the air switch does not provide the same wattage to the disposal as compared to the traditional ones, so it might damage the impellers. It happens when hard waste material is put inside the disposal. The impellers will not spin at the same RPM and crushing hard food will be difficult for the impellers.

So, the impellers will get damaged easily and as a result, they will shorten the life of your garbage disposal. So, there were some pros and cons of using an air switch. If you use the disposal with care, it will work perfectly no matter what kind of switch is installed. I hope this article was helpful for you.

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