Best Garbage Disposal Cleaners 2024 – [Buying Guide, Reviews]

Best Garbage Disposal Cleaners

What is a garbage disposal cleaner and what function does it perform? We will discuss it and find out the best garbage disposal cleaners. As we know that garbage disposal is a device planted or installed just below the kitchen sink. The key function of this device is to keep the waste drainage flow smooth and free from obstruction. Thus, it helps in keeping the kitchen neat and clean as well as free from smell.

This device is designed in a way that it consists of a grinding chamber having an impeller plate and shredder. These parts of the grinding chamber work with the help of each other to crush the solid waste material so that the flow of waste may not be disturbed.

Although most of the garbage disposals are efficient enough to chop any waste material they receive, in some cases, they get clogged or even blocked. The reason behind these clogs in most cases is the accumulation or piling up of sticky waste materials like soap, oils, and other things.

In the case of clogs and blockage of garbage disposal, in addition to other techniques, you need to use a garbage disposal cleaner. There are several garbage disposal cleaners available in the market under different brands.


Best Cleaners and Deodorizers For Garbage Disposals

1. Plink 9010 Garbage Disposer Cleaner And Deodorizer:

Plink 9010 Garbage Disposer Cleaner and Deodorizer

Producer: Iron out Inc
Product weight: 0.02 pounds
Product size: 10 counts (pack of 1)
Material feature: Biodegradable warning


  • Removes clogs effectively
  • Free from phosphates and bleach
  • Doesn’t harm the septic system
  • Works in 15 seconds

As per the response from users, this garbage disposal cleaner works amazingly. It unclogs the clogging materials easily and quickly along with the deodorant effect. The most amazing feature of this cleaner is that it kills and removes the smell from your garbage disposal within seconds and deodorizes it.

The deodorizing effect of this cleaner will not only make the environment of your kitchen neat and clean but also it will make it pleasant to a remarkable extent. Another thing that makes it feasible for use in your kitchen sink and garbage disposal is that it is free from bleach, phosphates as well as scrubbing.

At the same time, this garbage disposal cleaner is not harmful to your septic system or drainage pipes. You can use it without fear of having any side effects. Looking at these amazing features, I will highly recommend you Plink 9010 garbage disposer cleaner and deodorizer.

  • Quick working
  • Not harmful for pipes
  • Effective breaking of fats and food such other food waste
  • Deodorizing effect
  • Deodorizing effect is temporary (1 day)

2. Glisten Disposer Care Freshener, Odor Eliminator:

Glisten Disposer Care Freshener, Odor Eliminator

Producer: Summit Brands
Product weight: 0.02 pounds
Scent: lemon


  • Works quickly
  • Economical
  • Safe to use

This garbage disposal cleaner unclogs the materials causing the clogging of your garbage disposal. In addition, to clog removal, it removes ill smells from your garbage disposal. It starts working in no time and within a few minutes.

It removes the smell and refreshes your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. At the same time, it is safe to use, and it does not harm the pipes of your drainage system. One thing necessary to mention here is that it is not so much costly and available at a very reasonable price.

Different users praised the quick unclogging and smell removing the ability of this garbage disposal.  Hence, if you use this garbage disposal cleaner, it will not only work effectively and quickly but also makes the environment of your kitchen free from smell.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it would be a better option for you, if you are looking for an economical and good working garbage disposal cleaner.

  • Fast action
  • Smell removing ability
  • Safe to use
  • Economical
  • Deodorizing effect may vanish after some time

3. Lemi Shine Garbage Disposal Cleaner And Deodorizer:

Lemi Shine Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer

Producer: Lemi shine
Product weight: 1.06 pounds
Size: 16 counts
Scent: lemon


  • Odor neutralizing material
  • Safe to use and tested
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use

The first important feature that makes this product preferable is that it kills the odor with the help of natural citric acid present in it. And it refreshes the kitchen sink and garbage disposal environment. Furthermore, it also takes help from FunkGuard in the neutralization of odor from your garbage disposal and kitchen sink.

FunkGuard is a technology specially designed to tackle odor-related problems. Moreover, you need not worry about the dosage problem. It is pre-dosed and what you need to do is just put one pod every time. we can say that it is convenient to use.

This product consists of natural ingredients and it does not include any harmful or harsh chemicals like bleach, phosphate, and others. At the same time, it is considered septic friendly and does not harm the pipes and other parts of the drainage and septic system.

Using this product, you can avoid the side effects related to chemicals, as this product is free from harsh chemicals earlier. And it works effectively and quickly as per consumers’ reviews.

Lemi shine garbage disposal and deodorizer will be a good choice if you need an eco-friendly cleaner. Because of this reason, it is preferable to others. You can go for it without any hesitation.

  • Septic system friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Deodorizer
  • Effective clog remover
  • In very rare cases it may not remove clogs effectively on one time use

4. Rejuvenate Garbage Disposal And Drain Pipe Cleaner:

Rejuvenate Garbage Disposal and Drain Pipe Cleaner

Producer: Rejuvenate
Product weight: 0.35 pounds
Scent: lemon


  • Instant cleaner
  • Deodorizer
  • Foaming action
  • Enzymatic breakdown of waste material

This product has instant action and unclogs the clogging material quickly. Along with clog removal, it also helps to overcome the odor and makes the kitchen fragrant by its deodorizing effect. Using this garbage disposal cleaner will obviously make your kitchen clean, fragrant, and attractive.

Another thing that makes it unique is the enzymatic action of this garbage disposal cleaner. Enzymatic breakdown of food waste is more effective and quicker.

This feature makes it suitable for the septic system. The reason behind this is that the septic tank stores the food waste for a certain time period. If the waste material is not dissolved timely, it may cause overfilling of the septic tank leading to the blockage of a drainage system.

While enzymatic action dissolves and breaks down the waste material and saves the septic tank from blockage. Thus, it is septic system friendly. All these features collectively make this garbage disposal cleaner suitable for your kitchen. That’s why I would recommend the Rejuvenate garbage disposal and a drainage pipe cleaner for your garbage disposal and kitchen sink.

  • Maintains deodorizing effect
  • Unclogs quickly
  • Powerful foaming effect
  • Septic system friendly
  • Safe to use
  • You need to use it on weekly basis in order to maintain the condition of your garbage disposal

5. Glisten Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Lemon, 12 Uses:

Glisten Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Lemon, 12 UsesProducer: Summit Brands
Product weight: 0.02 pounds
Product size: 12 uses per 3 packs
Scent: Lemon


  • Strong foaming action
  • Scrubbing of the toughest buildup
  • Safe to use
  • Cleaning of disposal blades and other parts

The foaming action of this garbage works as an alternative to the bleach action. Thus, without using bleach, you can clean your garbage disposal in an equally effective way. This product cleans and deodorizes your garbage disposal safely and effectively.

Similarly, this disposal cleaner cleans the blades of garbage disposal along with the walls and other parts of garbage disposal. This will definitely help remove clogs and provide resistance against clog formation.

Consumers praised that the powerful cleaning formula of this product goes deep into the garbage disposal parts and cleans them effectively. In addition to this cleaning effect, this product removes the ill smells and adds fragrance to the kitchen environment.

These qualities make this garbage disposal cleaner a perfect choice for your garbage disposal and kitchen sink. Using this product will keep your garbage disposal clean and your kitchen environment fragrant and comfortable. That’s why you can opt for Glisten disposer care garbage disposal cleaner when compared with other products.

  • Free from bleach
  • Goes deep into garbage disposal
  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Safe for your drainage system
  • Resistant to clog formation
  • May not work effectively on the first attempt in very rare cases

6. Glisten Disposer Care Garbage Disposal & Drain Freshener Capsules, Lemon Scent:

Glisten Disposer Care Garbage Disposal & Drain Freshener Capsules, Lemon Scent, 3 PackProducer: Glisten
Product weight: 0.3 pounds (3 packs)
Product size: 10 uses per pack
Scent: Lemon


  • Elimination of smell
  • Deodorizing and refreshing effect
  • Deep cleaning
  • Safe formula

This Glisten disposal cleaner is specially produced with cleaning, deodorizing, and refreshing effects. In addition to its refreshing effect, it goes deep into the lower parts of the garbage disposal and cleans it more effectively. This effect helps to overcome the problem of tough clog formation and blockage.

These features of this garbage disposal cleaner will collectively refresh your kitchen environment along with the garbage disposal. This will certainly make your kitchen attractive as well as comfortable for working in it.

The formula for this garbage disposal cleaner is tested through scientific methods in order to check whether it is harmful to use or not. The results say that it is safe to use and does not have harmful effects on your drainage pipes or any other part of your drainage system.

As per consumers’ responses, the product works as it is supposed to do. Moreover, the lemon fragrance has a very positive effect on the kitchen environment. Summing up all these features, Glisten disposer care garbage disposal and drain freshener is a dependable solution to your garbage disposal clogs and smell problems.

  • Harmless formula
  • Fragrant product
  • Ensured performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Packing is hard to open sometimes

7. Bioda Garbage Disposal Foaming Cleaner & Freshener, Professional Strength:

Bioda Garbage Disposal Foaming Cleaner & Freshener, Professional Strength, 8-Pack,BEB-00018Producer: Bioda
Product weight: 0.125 pounds
Product form: Foam


  • Easy to use
  • Available for all kinds of garbage disposals
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Refreshes the garbage disposal

This type of garbage disposal has the special feature of removing odor from the garbage disposal and kitchen sink quickly and effectively. It removes odors instantly and leaves the environment of your kitchen clean and fragrant.

Another feature that makes it distinct from other garbage disposal cleaners of normal use is the enzymatic dissolving of waste materials. The enzymatic action breaks down the food waste material and prevents the blocking and clogs problem resulting from the accumulation of these materials.

No harsh chemicals are found in this disposal cleaner. Instead of these harmful chemicals, the bacteria perform their function in the septic system as well as drainage pipes. Furthermore, this disposal cleaner can be used in all types of garbage disposals irrespective of their nature, brand, or other aspects.

Similarly, this cleaner is easy to use due to its water-soluble nature.  It easily dissolves in water and takes no time for the performance of its function. So, when you need the right cleaner for your garbage disposal, then Bioda garbage disposal foaming cleaner and freshener can be the best option for you.

  • Water soluble
  • Enzymatic reaction
  • Continuous cleaning
  • Instant cleaning
  • The deodorizing effect is not long-lasting

8. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain/Pipe Cleaner:

Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain/Pipe Cleaner, 4.93 Ounce (Pack of 4), White, Blue, 4 per PackProducer: Summit Brands
Product weight: 0.30 pounds
Scent: Lemon


  • Natural ingredients
  • Powerful blue foam
  • Biodegradable product
  • Thick foam

As this product is made up of natural material, it does not harm your garbage disposal or the pipes of the drainage system. similarly, it will also be suitable for the garbage disposals attached to the septic system or septic tank. At the same time, this product contains biodegradable ingredients, making the process of breakdown of waste material comparatively effective and quicker.

According to the users of this product, the powerful and thick foam of this disposal cleaner goes deep into the inner parts of garbage disposal cleaning them well and making them resistant to clog formation. Using this disposal cleaner will help you overcome the problem of clog formation and odor-related issues. Without being worried about its functioning, choose this disposal cleaner and enjoy its amazing features.

  • Effective odor removal
  • Not harmful for the parts of your garbage disposal
  • Safe to use
  • Instant freshening of your kitchen sink
  • Effective scrubbing
  • Deodorizing effect is short term in some cases

9. CLR – GDC-6 Fresh & Clean Garbage Disposal, Fresh Scent Weekly Foaming Cleaning Pods:

CLR - GDC-6 Fresh & Clean Garbage Disposal, Fresh Scent Weekly Foaming Cleaning Pods, 5 Pods Total

Producer: CLR
Product weight: 0.3 pounds
Scent: Clean scent


  • Effective cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect maintenance
  • Best ingredients

This product consists of easily soluble ingredients, that’s why it works instantly when used. The fragrant scent used in this product helps to overcome the unpleasant odors in your garbage disposals. Citric acid, a naturally occurring acid in citrus fruit and lemon, works effectively in removing the clogs and other blocking material.

This disposal cleaner effectively cleans and unclogs the inner parts of the garbage disposal easy. At the same time, this cleaner does not require scrubbing due to its powerful learning agents. And that’s why we can say that it is relatively easier to use.

The ingredients of this garbage disposal cleaner also include baking soda which helps greatly in the process of cleaning. Using this disposal cleaner can solve many of your garbage disposal-related problems.

For example, it may help you in quick unclogging and deodorizing of your garbage disposals. That’s why this disposal cleaner will be the ideal cleaner for your garage disposal.

  • Fragranced and fresh scent
  • No need to scrub
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Baking soda and citric acid as ingredients
  • Lack of foaming may happen sometimes

10. Plink 9013 Garbage Disposal Cleaner And Deodorizer:

Plink 9013 Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer, Variety Pack, 20-CountProducer: Summit Brands
Product weight: 0.14 pounds
Product size: 21 count
Material feature: Biodegradable warning


  • Effective unclogging
  • Nontoxic ingredients
  • Quick working

This garbage disposal cleaner unclogs every type of blockage in your garbage disposal. At the same time, it removes the smell and adds fragrance to your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Moreover, this cleaner is free from bleach and phosphates which is certainly a plus point.

The ingredients used in it are non-toxic and biodegradable. At the same time, the ingredients of this cleaner are not harmful to the pipes of the drainage system. Similarly, they are also not harmful to the septic tank attached to your drainage system.

As per the response from users of this garbage disposal cleaner, this disposal cleaner easily breaks down and dissolves the food waste causing clog formation. Furthermore, it works quickly. It will perform its function even within 15 seconds and it does not require any scrubbing. Regular usage of this garbage disposal cleaner clears the clogs and provides resistance to future clog problems.

Keeping in view the features mentioned above, I will highly recommend using this cleaner in your garbage disposal.

How To Choose The Best Garbage Disposal Cleaner? – The Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to know before buying a garbage disposal cleaner for your garbage disposal. Some of these aspects are given below.

Chemical Ingredients:

The first thing you need to consider while buying a disposal cleaner is its chemical composition. Because the cleaners have harsh chemicals that are harmful to the drainage pipes and garbage disposal parts.

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At the same time, they may also harm the skin and can cause skin irritations and other problems. That’s why, before buying a cleaner, make sure that it does not contain bleach, phosphates, and other chemicals.

Deodorizing Effect:

Another thing you need to check while buying a garbage disposal cleaner is the deodorizing effect of that cleaner. You must prefer the cleaner having a long-lasting deodorizing effect. It will be helpful in overcoming the smell or odor from your garbage disposal.

The fragrance of the cleaner will certainly have a good effect on the environment of your kitchen. It will freshen the kitchen environment making it comfortable for working in it.

Enzymatic Reaction:

Enzymatic action plays an important role in dissolving food waste. Enzyme action is especially necessary where the drainage system is attached to a septic tank.

Because, if food waste is not broken down, may cause overfilling and coming backwater from the kitchen sink. The enzyme action assists the clog removal process. That’s why to take this factor into consideration.


If you are looking for the best garbage disposal cleaner and you don’t know how to choose the best one, you can easily take help from this article. Out of the above given 10 garbage disposal cleaners, you can choose one, keeping in view your needs and requirements.

Out of these 10, choose the one you think is the best garbage disposal deodorizer and cleaner. And you need not worry about the working of these cleaners because they are among the best-performing ones as per the user’s responses.

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