What Not to Put in Garbage Disposal with Septic Tank? [Info]

What not to Put in Garbage Disposal with Septic Tank?

Everybody wants to know what not to put in garbage disposal with a septic tank? No doubt, the garbage disposal is an effective device to make the flow of waste liquid-smooth and free from blockage throughout the drainage pipe of the sink.

But there are some things and materials, putting of which into the garbage disposal can cause problems and even blockage of the drainage pipe. These things generally include food trash, fibrous food, plastic, shopping bags and etc. So, you must be aware of what can you not put in garbage disposal with a septic tank.

There are several things that are not suitable for putting in the garbage disposal and must be avoided by putting in the garbage disposal. before discussing these things and materials, we need to have some know-how about the working of garbage disposal that has been designed to work with septic systems.


Garbage Disposal With The Septic Tank:

A Septic tank is a tank attached to the garbage disposal and helps in drainage by dissolving the hard components. Most of the houses have this system. The main function of the septic tank is to store the waste material for a short period of time before it is drained out. This feature of the septic tank helps in the breakdown of harder parts.

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When the waste material gets stored in the septic tank, three layers are formed. The solid waste gets accumulated and forms the lowest layer. Thus, the upper layer consisting of water is drained through a drainage pipe. While the lowest layer consisting of solid waste is decomposed and then cleaned out so that the septic tank may not get filled.

Things Not To Put In The Garbage Disposal:

Here are the things you must avoid from putting in the garbage disposal designed to work with the septic tank. Fruits and vegetable peels are among the most common causes of drainage pipe blocks.

These peels are hard to grind and crush, that’s why they may block the flow. Fibrous food is also difficult to squash into smaller pieces. For example, pumpkin and other such fibrous food waste can also cause problems.

Bones and other harmful food waste can also cause trouble. Although the blades of garbage disposal are sharp enough to grind the hard food particles also, you need to be careful in this regard. Because, very tough things like chicken, fish, and other bones, are too hard to be broken by the garbage disposal.

Paints and other hard chemicals that are difficult to remove can cause blockage and that’s why they are not suitable to put in the garbage disposal. Plastic and shopping bags are composed of materials that are resistant to decomposition or even crushing.

These materials don’t decompose and last for even hundreds of years. So, they will be piled up in the septic tank causing it to get overloaded.

So, all of the above-mentioned things collectively affect the working of the garbage disposal and septic tank either by causing blockage or by overloading the septic tank space. That’s why it is necessary to be careful and vigilant in this regard in order to avoid these troubles.

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Septic Assist Garbage Disposal:

You can try septic assist garbage disposal. This type of garbage disposal is specially built for the garbage disposal attached to the septic tank.

It consists of a liquid that is helpful in the breakdown and decomposition of harder food particles and other components. Thus, it assists in keeping the drainage smooth.


You must avoid the things mentioned above in this article from putting into the garbage disposal with a septic tank in order to get rid of the problems related to the drainage of waste from it. You can also use a garbage disposal sewer system. it will be helpful in this regard.

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