Can Garbage Disposal And Dishwasher Be On The Same Circuit?

Can Garbage Disposal And Dishwasher be On the Same Circuit?

While installing a garbage disposal or dishwasher, you should be familiar with, whether the garbage disposal or dishwasher can be on the same circuit or they should be separately installed. The answer is that you can install a dishwasher and disposal on the same circuit, but, in accordance with some precautionary measures and limitations in this regard.

But, installing both of these devices on the same circuit may be valid in some cases and not in others. In order to understand this in detail, first, you should know some aspects regarding the installation of these two devices.

For example, you should know that does garbage disposal has to be on a dedicated circuit. For this purpose, what you need to know is the requirements for the installation of garbage disposal.


Requirements For Installation Of Garbage Disposal:

Here are some of the basic requirements, you must keep in view while installing a garbage disposal. For example, you should have knowledge about how many amperes does a garbage disposal use.

First of all, keep in mind that generally, garbage disposal requires a separate dedicated circuit. The reason behind it is that the garbage disposal has to do the heavy task of grinding and crushing the food waste. For the fulfillment of this task, the garbage disposal consumes more amperage and that’s why it needs to be fed with a minimum of a 15-amp circuit.

At the same time, this dedicated circuit of garbage disposal requires a cable of 14/2 NM. All these requirements are mandatory when you are going to install the garbage disposal on a separate circuit.

Requirements For Installation Of The Dishwasher:

Similar to the garbage disposal, the dishwasher also needs a dedicated circuit. It is recommended that the dishwasher should be installed separately, instead of its installation with any other kitchen device on the same circuit.

Garbage disposals

The dedicated circuit for the dishwasher requires 125 volts and a 15-amp supply. The wire compatible for such kind of circuit is that of 14/2 NM. You also have another option of using the wire of 23/2 NM. But, in this case, you need to provide the supply of 20-amp.

How To Install Garbage Disposal And Dishwasher On The Same Circuit?


As we mentioned in the beginning that the installation of both garbage disposal and dishwasher on the same circuit is possible but along with some precautionary measures and conditions that are given below.

The first thing you need to consider while installing both of them on the same circuit is that the circuit must be supplied with at least 20-amp of supply. While the most suitable voltage and amperes needed for the working of these devices on the same circuit are 120 VAC and 30-amp respectively.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the ampere usage of both of these devices does not exceed 80 percent of the maximum ampere usage of these devices.

Role Of Circuit Breaker:

One thing necessary to mention here is that the installation of both of these devices on the same circuit was appropriate and compatible with the old house circuits because the breakers of those circuits were not so much sensitive and responsive. But, in modern house wiring or circuits, the breaker plays a major role in the regulation of these circuits.

When you are using both of these devices on the same circuits, you need to have a circuit breaker which trips when the amperage crosses the 20-amp.


The question, can you run dishwasher and garbage disposal at the same time, can be answered that yes, you can use them on the same circuit and at the same time, but after fulfilling the requirements given above.

However, the most recommended way is to use them separately.

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